Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium - Healing Aquarium (+VR)
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Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium - Healing Aquarium (+VR)

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2016 TapTap Best Visual Game Nomination

深海水族馆官方玩家群:   613971963

  • VR support


Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium is a game that helps relax your nerve. Level up your Stone, create your own fish and make the Aquarium belongs to you! A beautiful ocean world waiting for you to explore!

How to play?
Level up the stone by tapping.
Build Coral to double the vitality.
Use vitality to create your fish.

1.Simple Control---- create coral and fish with just a simple tap
2.Amazing graphics---you can view every fish in 3D dimension in HD
3.Lovely background music---- The voice of the whale & the sound of water droplets all guide you to a beautiful musical world.
4.VR (Virtual Reality) Support----Use Cardboard to enjoy your abyss aquarium in VR mode. You can watch little fish swimming overhead and right before your eyes—in 3D

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If you have any suggestions or errors to report, please contact abyssrium_EN@flerogames.com. We will do our best to respond to your valuable opinions.

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[1.22.0 Update Information]

- Meet new fishes from the new Spring Event!!
- Complete extension missions to get 6 different extensions!
- 2 new Cheese Fat Cat Packs are meowing into Abyss Tank as new products!

Detailed info

  • File Size : 138.04MB
  • Current Version : 1.22.2
  • Update Time :
  • OS: 4.4及更高版本
  • Developer: FLERO GAMES
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