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    58.60 hrs on record

    my only probelms is just the high ping cause there is no south east asia server and the unblanced matchmaking so if you want to play it from scratch, its better to play with your friend with voice chat

  • Goodkd
    159.43 hrs on record

    Probably one of my favorite games to play whenever I have time. Not only are the graphics great but I love how they integrated a slight horror but also kid friendly feel within the game.

  • Huynh Huutai
    223.88 hrs on record

    how recharge identify v why me recharge Required items are not available

  • Royalflare

    Seems not need to write something about IDENTITY V bc most players have played this asymmetrical multiplayer game before.

    The exciting thing is today, it started a collaboration event with Persona 5. It is amazing that I have not even thought these two IP can be linked together, the thing happened was, from the image, I saw familiar characters in smaller size and masks on in IDENTITY V, like main characters Ren Amamiya (Joker)and Yusuke Kitagawa, the whole atomsphere just so befitting and amazing, less horror but more fantasy.

    一次讓我覺得兩大IP不會在一起的聯動,我只想說非常讚。一開始還會擔心女神異聞錄5會不會和第五人格風格不合,不過當「雨宮 蓮,坂本龍司,高巻 杏,喜多川祐介」登場后十分帥氣吸引了我。👍👍

  • Tâm Lê

    game so funny! i will install it !

  • User2361202

    Best game there is. A great substitute for DbD

    • User2572802

      dbd is better and more original.

      also, it qualifies as a horror game

  • Edwin Julian

    Just copas from another game

    • iimitan

      you mean, Dead by Daylight?

      how about Mobile Legend Bang Bang copy Arena Of Valor or copy League of Legend, or any MOBA in the store? 😂 well.. you just need to having fun with game. no need to serious 💕


      netease work together with DBD's dev to create this game dude

  • Azure Badar

    expensive in game puchase

  • AltNova

    Let's get this out of the way first, no, this is not a rip-off of DBD, DBD's Dev team even praise this game. With that said, what separate this from DBD?

    1. Survivors: Instead of picking a survivor, some perks and an item before starting a game like in DBD, you have a talent tree that you can build and modify to your liking that applies to every survivors. You start the game with an item based on your chosen character but you can also find items in chests around the map.

    2. Hunters (not Killers, this is rated E10+ people): imo hunters in this game are much more distinct than the ones in DBD, their design aren't scary (again, E10+), but they are menacing and with the now ended Junji Ito crossover some hunters have got the privilege of achieving "disturbing" status.

    3. Aesthetic: cute, in contrast to DBD's Hollywood horror film-esque aesthetic.

    Overall, a solid multiplayer "horror" game that brings DBD formula to mobile with some added twist. My only gripe with this game is the occasional spike in ping.

    Graphics: 9/10 (on Medium)

    Sound Design: 9/10 (female characters moan too much :))

    Gameplay: 8/10

    Story: 8/10 (told through text, very brief)

    Dead By Daylight also has its own mobile version (still in Beta), optimization is god awful on my phone but I'm certain it'll run perfectly on a high-end devices.

  • User1296253



      just update it from the game itself bro ignore the update from app stores

  • ngo huynh

    cho e hỏi sao tải game về hiện chỉ có nửa mành hình v à dù đã đống mở ứng dụng nhiều lần

  • Love AoV

    The hunter is too strong for Suvior,please reducing power hunter or increased strength suvior.Pay attention to the balance of the game

  • Mạc Uyển Như

    Tính ra No.26 ra chưa lâu mà sao đã sắp ra sur mới rồi :v

  • Zeinab Harake

    most diverse and challenging game! I've played in this past month. So much characters and gameplay mechanics. You couldn't ask for much more.... Only gripe is the cheater's, but every game has them thought... Luckily enough, The Devs are constantly updating and Fixing with weekly updates, with added bonuses of free rewards for any servers downtime. They just know how to look after their player's!~ Really good job done here.

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  • Ngọc Ánh

    Tải game không đc nhưng máy tôi chạy rất mạnh, lần nào cũng "ứng dụng chưa được cài đặt"

    có ai có thể chỉ tôi cách khắc phục được không ?{ • •}

    > >

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  • Nguyễn Phú

    mn ơi bản hk của identify V còn ko vậy còn bản nào quốc tế chơi dc ko ạ

  • Zuu Nguyen

    game khá hay nhưng update thì siêu lâu

  • Aurora Redcloud

    The game concept (survival) is similar as DBD. However, this game is really fun and outstanding in their own style.

    The gameplay will better if developer fix the server including with ping and bug please.

  • Kazami

    Game hay nhưng mà chơi toàn gặp pro :)))

  • Anh Kiet Dao

    game nay tui thay Choi rat hay va nha vat dung cute:)))





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