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【Guide】“Punishing: Gray Raven” Battle Tips&Tricks, Login, Basic Translation

Punishing: Gray Raven Discord:   https://discord.gg/RUnmtxt

  • Simplified Chinese
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‘Punishing: Gray Raven’ is a 3D action mobile game with a sci-fi apocalypse theme. You will become the commander and lead the last hope of mankind - the bionic human form 「structure」to fight against the mechanical army infected by the 「Punishing」 virus. Use your judgment, flexibly slide your fingertips, trigger different skill moves, and play a gorgeous battle at the end of the world!

The story of Punishing: Gray Raven takes place in the near future.
Fusion technology has brought humanity into the golden age of high degree of unity and rapid development. However, due to human's ultimate exploration of basic science, it finally touched the taboo field, and the virus, symbolized "punishing", suddenly broke out.
The fragile human body was quickly destroyed by the virus, while the infected machine was controlled by the virus and turned into a violent slaughtering machine.
After less than a century of resistance, the once highly prosperous human civilization has almost lost its trace on the planet. The survivors are in exile in deep space, as an alternative to the numerous mechanical infectious organisms that roam the earth.
And you will play the role of a "saviour" with the last hope of human civilization, the "structure", on your journey back to Earth.

The era of counterattack has begun--
May every son of humankind return to the earth be safe.

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1)新增S级构造体:比安卡·真理 | 新增A级构造体:苏菲亚·银牙
3)新增BOSS关卡:“全速前进”指挥官使用构造体与Boss 轨道异合体进行战斗


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  • Current Version : 1.10.0
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  • Developer: 库洛游戏
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  • Neisan
    7.78 hrs on record

    why this game need China ID if am I using my WeChat acc. that's why I can't play the Game -_-

    • TUTUer

      cz it is a Chinese game 😂, try register some Chinese accounts may be a good way~and you can play more Chinese games~

    • Neisan

      but kuro-san said that if u use WeChat or QQ acc. u don't need to use Chinese acc. lol

    • Nekori Asakigo

      Just ignore china account.if you stuck on that annoying message just uinstalled and installed back the game it will be all right.

    • Neisan

      ok thank u nekori

    • Nekori Asakigo

      if you have wechat account don't create another account it will be wasting your time.

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  • رمدن
    34 mins on record

    what spec to play this game please infomation my

  • Pedro Santos

    When does the English version come out?

  • Kiên Hà
    51.12 hrs on record

    game hay lắm =3

  • AnOddAddiction

    I cannot play it, I followed all the instructions on how to sign up but, it still doesn't work. I even tried writing it in simplified Chinese and it it didn't work.


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