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  • Saymorerice

    I rarely do any reviews on mobile games. I wasn't expecting this game to be playable on highest settings especially with my Galaxy S8 which is already almost 3 years old, but man, I was wrong it's was smooth experience to me, yeah some dips on fps but it rarely happen. The overall gameplay is solid. I'm already seeing a great succes of this game. Hopefully we will be getting a global for this sooner.

  • Gdm Rich

    played the beta and i enjoyed the game. Very reminiscent of Honkai Impact 3rd. i kinda liked PGR a lil better because of the dark theme and unlocking characters through story instead of a gotcha system

  • Myra~Chan

    Great but pls add english language

    .Beside that I cant get in after complete chapter

    One .Pls fux it

  • Rahul Bhatt

    see the gameplay


    con😏-levels are shorter make them bigger.

    pro🌞-Best graphic game 😎

  • kurusaki nanmar

    seriously Chinese ID? I'm not Chinese😕anyone tell me how to enter again using Chinese ID😣

  • AiFudSeusDonuts

    they optimized the game for many phones, some characters were changed to make the gameplay more fluid and the game is pretty decent, except for the stamina system, i cant forgive games with stamina system.

  • Fairuz Zahran S

    does this game require higher cellphone specifications? even though my cellphone has an internal of about 5 GB more

  • 手机用户1312232

    it's a good game if only able to top up

  • KAirsu

    Someone help me scan the QR code to be able to play games I cannot skip the Chinese ID verification step 😑😑😑

  • - Joryabuza -

    I can't play it because they ask for Chinese Id.

    but I have to say that it was really fun, really well made.

  • Gt. s

    the game is very amazing for me. before the launched i test this game when it beta- i can log in before that. but now after launched i cant log in with guest account. can you fix that. i am very bad want play this game.

  • 🅒🅡🅞🅦

    can't wait for the global version of this app

  • User2013890

    cool graphic, unique battle tap system, smooth in SD 845

  • Nguyễn Thuỳ Dươ

    Loading is too slow, it is killing me

    but i'll still rate this game 5*

  • Titan

    Good game...I hope devs will release Eng ver soon ( just hope )

  • User2590417

    How to change language?

    I don't understand Chinese word so how can I change to English???

  • Adin

    best action game with good mechanics, feels like playing old school action console games, hope the global release is soon coz the ping at coop is really sad

  • Bensean Lyf

    beta until now, start ok, many happen such as 10k black card n developer solution, this is ok, i accepted. the more u play, the more u start lost passion. stamina, power score hard to up, drop rate super hard hit, black card hard collect, 5 star weapon like rare animal, super hard to hit , no even say 6 star weapon. All i can say i totally lost passion n faith in this game. this only for whale,. no f2p game. Hi3 more better than this, more friendly n f2p than this. sayonara, 2B oneechan....

  • Anakin Sepherd

    they stopped registering new account, that suckd!! i waited this game for so long!!

  • Hasael Reyes He

    i love this game, the grafics, the only problem i s the language


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