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Pascal's Wager is a dark, stylish mobile action-RPG developed by Tips-Works, an independent studio under Giant Games. Developed in the Unity3D engine, Pascals Wager wants to bring the feel of a large-scale console or PC action-RPG to mobile players, with tight, responsive controls, immersive audio and visuals, and compelling plot presentation.

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  • User2896046
    Expected value

    after to play an iOS version my opinion about the game it's very good, I was looking for a real contender of the soul series in a mobile format, after to test some other I was really disappointed, the idea was good but bad implementation, Pascal wager put all that back, a solid gameplay, good graphics, lore focus gameplay, guys I know it's difficult for a mobile developers to create a game like this due the characteristics of the market, but you have done right, just waiting for Android version, my only criticism like "developer mysef"are about optimization and some delay in control response, I wish the best and maybe a Nintendo switch port it's a good idea

  • thomas lee
    Expected value

    I like this gameplay it's really a eye for a eye must have game with all the right action and graphics that puts other games back in the box for later keep make games like this and your on the top list of game maker pros love how the scenery stands out very well 👍👍👍👌 it a 5****** for me

  • ScionStormTV
    Expected value

    This game is wonderful and fun. I could only show you guys from the IOS version the team game me. But it works just like a Souls game on a mobile platform. The music is great and the combat feels fluid. The price of the game is 6.99 and doesn't appear to have any other money issues. I strongly suggest you guys pick it up when it comes Android as well.

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  • Admiral Kin
    Expected value

    u always update and news and nothing yet here 1 star for such a negative attitude

  • Lewis_Luo(來自大陸版精選)
    Expected value



    遊戲的畫面 光影 音樂音效都不錯,但從視頻片段來說,好像沒看到一個簡單的故事情節,並不知道要表達什麼,或許只是想展示一下美術。但還是想吐槽一下,畫面以及人物建模都太像巫師了,傑洛特和葉奈法。 。 。玩法上感覺應該也是個偏動作類的遊戲,具體就等出來後再說了。總體還是很期待的。



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