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Bumblebee is making a special guest appearance in Creative Destruction! The deathmatch is raging and only one will stand. Jump straight in and speed toward a heart-stirring showdown!
【BEE Speedy】
In the mood for all-out reckless racing? There is only one Bumblebee team in a single match. You might be lucky enough to play as Bumblebee when the match first starts. If not so, buckle up, dash into your enemies and blow them up.
【BEE TWO-gether】
Partner up to secure victory. It’s one pilot and one gunner per car. How does it feel to have your buddy by your side, and reign supreme as the unstoppable Bumblebee? Pair up and triumph!
【BEE Dynamic】
It is much more than just Battle Royale! Drag racing, Autobot action and explosive mayhem brings a new level of hectic fun. Whomsoever hunts down the Bumblebee team will inherit the throne . In your heroic adventure, all is possible!
【Last BEE standing】
The battle will still take place in a destructible environment featuring the fun of racing and battling. Wanna put your Bumblebee stamp on this field? Outlast your rivals to be the last duo standing.
Come embark on a winner-takes-all slugfest in Creative Destruction today and show’em what you could be.

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The all-new #GBumblebee Battlefield#l mode has arrived! Creative Destruction teams up with Ha***ro for an all-new gameplay experience! Bumblebee Battlefield mode sees the thrilling debut of vehicle-based combat in Creative Destruction! Fight off your foes as Bumblebee in his vehicle form, and gather energy to transform into his Autobot form! Gear up for an all-new and unique battle experience!

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  • Developer: NetEase Games
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