PAYDAY: Crime War

PAYDAY: Crime War

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Update 0.9.1 has Live! Patch Notes:
⭐️More territories: Sweden, Finland, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil, India and Canada has added in Soft Launch

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PAYDAY: Crime War is an exciting multiplayer first-person shooter, where you'll have to choose to become either a cop or a robber. Depending on which team you choose, you'll have one of two goals: the robbers are trying to break into a safe, and the cops will do anything to stop them!

PAYDAY: Crime War's controls are very well adapted to touchscreen devices. Simply move your character with the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, and fire your weapon with a button on the right. Also on the right side of the screen are buttons to jump, reload your weapon and launch grenades.

Just like the PC and console version of PAYDAY, there's tons of characters, both cops and robbers, to choose from in PAYDAY: Crime War. Not only that, the more you play, the more new content you'll unlock: dozens of masks, suits, weapons, accessories, loads of new safes, and even more exclusive content!

With all that, and spectacular graphics you can customize to your device, PAYDAY: Crime War is a great team-based FPS, that manages to bring PAYDAY's fantastic game experience to Android devices

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Latest Version :7.6 Android:7.3
  • Milinage
    22 mins played





  • EroGamer
    15 mins played

    How to play the game,

    1-fisrt clean all data from play store

    2-download unlocator *** from TapTap and connect to Slovakia

    3-go android settings and create a new Slovakia google account and select on play store

    4-go payday on TapTap and click below on PlayStore link

    5-download from play store and happy play

    Happy Play

  • NightFreddyGame
    played 2 hrs 1 mins

    Это просто невероятно!

    Я уж думал мне не поиграть, Спасибо за патч. Играть интересно, Что-то новое, не классический ПД.

    По сути это режим захват точки. в принципе для мобильного большего не нужно, однако такое может наскучить невероятно быстро, по этому советую хотя бы подобие на классический PayDay или PayDay2 добавить. жду обновлений и больше плюшек

    Ох как не хватает кнопочки присесть.

    Нужен мой любимый персонаж: Раст, Байкер.

    • Вечерний прибой

      Я вообще жду Драгона. Классическая четвёрка грабителей уже наскучивает. Все перки скушны. Поэалуй выделяются Даллас с его аптечкой и Вулф с турелью.

    • NightFreddyGame

      да, нужны больше) я Жду Раста. он мой любимчик

    • ARAGAM4Ik

      а как вы её скачали подскажите пж

  • Nam Vũ
    played 2 hrs 43 mins

    -Tôi nói thật nhá game như này trên mobile ko chơi hơi phí nên chơi để ủng hộ nhà sản xuất

    -mới cả nhà sản xuất nên cập nhật phần chơi cốt truyện nó sẽ hay hơn

  • Cemka
    played 2 hrs 2 mins

    На Sony Xperia z3 compact только низкие настройки 60 фпс. Идёт нормально, но приходится пользоваться сторонней прогой QCleaner, т.к. ОЗУ мало.

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