PAYDAY: Crime War

PAYDAY: Crime War

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Editor notes

Update 0.9.1 has Live! Patch Notes:
⭐️More territories: Sweden, Finland, Russia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Brazil, India and Canada has added in Soft Launch


PAYDAY: Crime War is an exciting multiplayer first-person shooter, where you'll have to choose to become either a cop or a robber. Depending on which team you choose, you'll have one of two goals: the robbers are trying to break into a safe, and the cops will do anything to stop them!

PAYDAY: Crime War's controls are very well adapted to touchscreen devices. Simply move your character with the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen, and fire your weapon with a button on the right. Also on the right side of the screen are buttons to jump, reload your weapon and launch grenades.

Just like the PC and console version of PAYDAY, there's tons of characters, both cops and robbers, to choose from in PAYDAY: Crime War. Not only that, the more you play, the more new content you'll unlock: dozens of masks, suits, weapons, accessories, loads of new safes, and even more exclusive content!

With all that, and spectacular graphics you can customize to your device, PAYDAY: Crime War is a great team-based FPS, that manages to bring PAYDAY's fantastic game experience to Android devices

Detailed info

  • File Size : 536.32MB
  • Current Version : 0.9.1
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: OVERKILL Software
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Latest Version :8.2 Android:6.9
  • DizzyLGlitch Ga

    i can't say anything else except that the game is perfect. some things I would love to see in it's next update is mask skins and more Characters like John wick and Jacket. lag? It isn't much of a problem, I just get stuck for a few seconds and get straight back into action. I highly recommend you to get this game if you're those people looking for games that don't make you stressed and keep you entertained until cod mobile comes out on Google play or the app store

  • DarkToxic13

    Hey I like the game very well But if I go round like normal I see the map Verschwomen and then I come first to the selection and the game seeker loads too long in my opinion about a minute

    • Kregger

      Hey, the game needs someone VPN?

  • 手机用户1118202

    I give you 1 stars, you want to know why?

    i'm stuck at bronze league, i was playing rank match and when you lost the match, you lose 7 points and when you win you get 5 points. so if you lose 2 times , you have to win 3 times to get your points.

    let me tell you this Devs, only a few people that will play this game in the future if you dont do something about this FCKN rank match.

    And also how the Fk that i somehow matchmaking with someone that have weapons level 10 and my weapons are still at level 4.

    If this is how you want to trick people to pay for your game, you kinda Screw it up mate.

    if you fix the matchmaking, the rank score, i'll give you more than 1 star

  • User1069087

    this game isn't payday at all it really has nothing 2 do with payday it just look like it.. not a bad game its alright.

    • DizzyLGlitch Ga

      it wasn't meant to be payday 2 mobile, payday crime war is it's own game :v

  • Gamer1990

    PAYDAY: Crime War

    For/ Android-iOS.....!



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