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"Kick-Flight" is official released

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“Kick-Flight” brings you a new mobile experience of free-flying and midair battles.

■ Three-dimensional aerial action, allowing complete freedom to fly anywhere on the field!
Ride the winds of victory in a 3-minute 4 vs 4 real-time battle!
Unique acrobatic moves and stimulated floating brings out the sheer joy of flying!
Pursue the kind of action only available on your mobile phone, while you bask in the satisfaction of improving your skills as a player!

■ Amazing Kickers galore!
Kickers are characters with incredible skills and abilities!
Learn your way around each Kicker and work together as a team--this will be key to victory.
Feast your eyes on the anime-style 3D graphics as well, rendered to a quality previously unimaginable in mobile games!

■ Discover your very own way of fighting!
How you fight will depend on a combination of your characters, skill, and strategy!
Keep refining your player skills and rocket your way to the top of Kick-Flight!

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  • Developer: Grenge,inc
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Android:8.1 Past 7 days : 8.4
  • iimitan
    9.00 hrs on record

    This game is more than interesting, although I don't know what genre it is...

    Well, with the steps given in the tutorial, it's quite detailed so I think it can be very helpful for new players like me.

    There are lots of things I like about Kick-Flight, which are:

    - Balanced game.

    - Have a vary characters, which has its own particular skills.

    - The auto-play feature provided isn't completely auto, and this is what will force the player to play manually (you can find the autoplay on the 3 line button when the game has started).

    - Variety of skill cards with stunning effect graphics.

    - The gameplay is challenging, I assume with no navigation buttons this makes the players become more challenged and can hone their own skill.

    - Have 3 diff modes as well as a way to win it.

    - Every game is recorded and saved automatically in replay history (This fiture the most I like).

    - Gacha feature with a 50:50 drop rate (I'm serious) even free players can easily get good chara's costumes.

    - Doesn't take up too much space, the performance is also smooth.

    And I only have 1 thing I don't like, which is :

    - If the internet drops a little, then I can't enter the match. So every time I play this game, I always keep my internet speed stable.


    (This game can be recommended for y'all who looking a fun-playing-game).

  • DhanaOleole
    7.07 hrs on record

    Fresh game and original. Competitive and fun. love it.

  • Karlando
    49 mins on record

    Quite a fun game the controls are something you have to learn, I haven't digged too much into the gacha apart from the disc gacha to which I got a UR right off the bat, the rates are extremely fair it's real time PVP collect the crystals bring them back type game play it's very original all of the characters have their own play style it's up to you to get the discs while mastering their play style to create combos, the only reason I stopped playing is because my phone needed to be charged, overall great game.

  • Freya

    Just tried a few matches.... it's surprisingly really really fun and not like anything I've played before. I love the graphics, I love the controls, everything feels solid and quality. I think this will most likely be my main game until seven Deadly Sins Grand X comes out march 3th.

  • Maxiv

    Great start, nice tutorials, nice gacha rate (both for skills and characters)

    Controls can be polished a bit

    So, battle is pretty quick, you collect crystals, store them on your collector orb, fight opposing team so they can't get crystals

    There are many kinds of skills you can equip, from attack to healing, highest rare skill is UR I think

    Every characters has their own unique skill, so you can try and find your fave character to play

    • User2555298

      i love ti😁

    • Shino901

      Will give it a try, thanks for reviewing it.

    • aimiticantmommy

      control are to hard Right Left Up Down flying+run+shooting+skills+walk+aims... and more like imposable likely to be r/r🤖 bots play wishes is a you lose beuase you a bot, Game Great...

      💫 it heart my brain playing it💥likea bomBom?





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