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Animus - Harbinger

憎恨之心 - 先驱者

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■ Requirements
Google Play login.
Android 6.0 and above, complying to Google OS requirements.
IAP for full campaign, side quests, and upcoming optional multiplay.
1.3GB storage and above.
2GB RAM and above.

■ Overview
Harbinger takes you into the past, to the very days when Kerr the Breaker, Bringer of Nightmares, first bore down on the realm in vengeance. You, Forlorn — a pilgrim caught out of time, and follower of the Resonant — are called upon by the shadow of the late King Cadmus. Cadmus implores you to save the children of Qurrhem, and the realm of Cadmeia. In a time before Blood Memory, you stand alone between death and deliverance… for the forgotten cannot die, as they have truly never lived… until this day.

Prove your worth against the embodiment of death, Gravetender Anku, only after meeting the Breach Knight sent by Kerr for the first time. Then quickly cross through Cadmeia to deliver its inhabitants from peculiar medicine men, hellhounds, and monsters. At the heart of Qurrehm, High Clarus Alina – loyal acolyte of Cadmus – awaits, perhaps as Corrupt or Corrupter. Chaos and confusion plague the realm; you will have no friend save for your trusty blade, axe, or hammer. Pass mercy to those afflicted, and judgment to those whom embody the coming nightmare. You have returned.

■ Access Permission
[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE] : Allow an application to read/write to external storage.

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1. New campaign: Passage
2. New shop item: Gauntlet Set / Lance Set / Hammer Set

Detailed info

  • File Size : 716.62MB
  • Current Version : 1.1.7
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: 10Birds
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Latest Version :7.9 Android:8.0
  • VulgarisUSA
    19 mins on record

    Edited Review after Beating First Boss

    yes, its true, after you beat the first boss, you expel the chaos, and a screen telling you to buy it does indeed come up. Lets forget that for now. Let's talk about the game play. it's awkward. its clunky. its badly unresponsive. you can feel the oppressive weight of that awful 2 handed axe and the dreadful full iron armor. Look, if you're going to include a dodge/evade key, please make sure it works. it doesn't work at all well, in fact, it's terrible. I had the most success in jumping backwards, because dodging either left or right is a 50/50 prospect at very best. the combos hinted at at the top of the level don't seem to work either. I'm positive this game will have enormous appeal, but it has virtually zero appeal to me. I'm all about controlling my combat, relying on quick and responsive combat mechanics which involves a great deal of blinking, dodging, evading, and kiting. none of those exist here, the combat system feels just as archaic and outdated as the grim, dark scenery looks--tired as hell, and done a million times before, and much better--a very definite pass for me, regardless of having to pay for it or not.


    interesting. this game is getting absolutely awful reviews in the US Google PlayStore. the rating is only 3.3 which is extremely poor. the main complaint seems to be a "bait and switch" issue. Advertising clearly misrepresenting having to pay nothing for the entire campaign only to find that in reality, its going to cost $4USD. Nobody cares about the $4. they are complaining about having been lied to. I'm downloading it as I type this to see for myself, and I will report back. my 3 star rating obviously isn't accurate. its an anticipated score. I will adjust it if necessary.

    • Viam Viam

      Brah.... So much time

    • VulgarisUSA are supposed to give information, not 4 word illiterate grunting. you don't like my reviews? fine with me. just move along

  • 懿(來自大陸版精選)


  • Royalflare

    A very challenging game, and it is absolutely a soul-like game. Animus-Harbinger is a paid game but this version allows you play in demo.

    From the gameplay, I can see the whole art style in a darkness and cold-arms age, which is my type. Different from a traditional soul-like game, this game has different stages, and in each stage there will be minions and boss, and boss has story about it which make game more colorful. The camera isn't friendly, sometimes it moves very fast to a screen of dark woods when you running, fortunately there is focus button allows you to focus current target, but you have to keep tap it when you need it all the time.

    About game difficulty, this game is quite challenging, like demon soul or dark souls series, boss has stamina bar which you can break it and stun the boss and execute it. Light attack and heavy attack have attack animation and duration is long as I am using a two-handed axe. Potion is limit so this needs skills to play.

    If you are a hardcore gamer of soul-like or soul-like lover, this is a great choice.

  • 肥嘟嘟左卫门(來自大陸版精選)

    在先驅者 內購之後 還有必要買 獨立版嗎?

  • iimitan

    The one offline game that is worth to try.

    I try to use full high graphics and it still doesn't make this game laggy or broken. Although the story is a bit absurd in my opinion, but the gameplay is a positive value for this.

    The thing I like most about the MMORPG/Adventure game like this is the dodge skill, and this game has it.

    Also... If you want to continue the story, you have to buy the episode first with real money. And I know this is not a big problem for free players, yeah... you know, a little trick and voila the game is full paid.

    That I dislike is only the sensitivity of the camera is too high, and unfortunately this game doesn't provide settings other than graphics and textures.


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