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■ Over 30 Characters!
Re-live the story of Attack on Titan!
Assemble the ultimate team and step up to the threat of the Titans!

Featuring fully-voiced characters with stunning original illustrations!


■ Eren Jaeger (Voiced by Yuki Kaji)
A boy who dreams of the world beyond the Walls, he entered the Cadet Corps in the hope of one day joining the Scouts. His fiery passion often makes him reckless.

■ Mikasa Ackermann (Voiced by Yui Ishikawa)
She has lived with Eren ever since he saved her life when they were young. She lives to protect him now, wearing the scarf he gave her all year round.

■ Armin Arlelt (Voiced by Marina Inoue)
Named by his grandfather, he is the smart, though somewhat weak and timid childhood friend of Eren and Mikasa. He is the one who taught Eren about the world outside the Walls.

■ Levi (Voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya)
Captain of the Scouts. He is known as mankind's strongest soldier. His teammates affectionately call him simply ""Captain.""

■ Erwin Smith (Voiced by Daisuke Ono)
Commander of the Scout Regiment. He is a ruthless, relentless leader, which has earned him the respect of even Levi himself.

In a world where Titans control everything, humanity lives surrounded by 50-meter Walls. Protected from the Titans' wrath, humanity has found safety, at the cost of its freedom.

A 10-year-old boy named Eren Jaeger dreams of one day seeing the outside world. His fellow villagers have given up trying to go beyond the Walls, content with the peace within. Dissatisfied with their complacency, Eren compares humanity's situation to cattle living in a pen.

Everything changes, however, when the Colossal Titan appears and overcomes the Walls. It is then that Eren's dreams, and the peace humanity had enjoyed begin to crumble...

©Hajime Isayama, Kodansha/""ATTACK ON TITAN"" Production Committee. All Rights Reserved.
©DeNA Developed by KAYAC

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Android 5.0 or higher
2 GB memory
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  • Developer: DeNA Co., Ltd.
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  • Royalflare

    The Attack on Titan TACTICS

    Based on word TACTICS, this game is about strategy.

    During the tutorials, players will know that the base (The Walls) is on the map where players need to protect. Giants will try to get close to base and destroy it. What players need to do is place units to stop and kill them.

    The whole play method is pretty close to Clash of Clan, but each unit can be trained.

    Guild system, each unit is under a guild. Not only guild can be advantageous during battle, units with the same leader’s guild will increase all status.

    Weapon system, weapon can be upgraded up to lv20 by using materials, materials can be obtained from story levels.

    Some pros about this game:

    + During battle, all units and Giants are 3D models, ability effects are attractive.

    + Background music is original and keep the style of anime during the whole game experience.

    + During the tutorial, players can gacha once but infinity times until get they want. Tutorial is not too long.

    + All units can be obtained by using units’ soul, so if player does not want to spend money, units still can be obtained.

    + All units can level up to 6 stars

    + Scenarios and stories provide original story of Attack on Titan to players

    Some cons about this game:

    - Lack of interactivity during battle, players only need to place units on battleground

    - Units can awaken many times, but need to use unit’s soul. May limit player on high difficulty levels or events.

    - The most rare units (5 stars) only has 2.5% chance to gacha out

    - Scenarios all only pictures and low quality effects

    After all, this game is pretty good although its play method is not fresh, but whole experience is smooth, battle optimization is satisfied. I suggest players to try it.

  • pikachu

    why just eren can use titan power why ennie,reiner and bethold can't use titan power, when.I draw got are reiner and bethold.I'm just happy and thing do those can use titan power when.I click to reiner and bethold until they can't not ust titan power and.I say what the f**ck why those can't use titan power.This game need dothey can use titan power pls.

  • Aabid£Demon


  • Gerthely Telan

    waiting for global version 😉

    • JOE

      Can try first, many tips are very simple

    • Gerthely Telan

      thanks for the info. but I prefer to wait for the English version for me to fully enjoy the game and storyline. ☺️

      any tip for the release date?

    • JOE

      There is currently no global version of the news.

      we will mark it up

    • Gerthely Telan

      I see. Pls do, thanks!

  • JOE
    16 mins on record





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