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Devil Stone is an RPG which can be played offline without extra charge. The story is about Phicus Sera, the successor to the throne of the Underworld of the tenth generation, being sent to human territories after being deprived of his power by the old Devil King.

To find the fragments of Devil Stone, scattered all over the continent, regain power, and succeed the throne in the Underworld, Phicus encountered Eiji John Austin, the Champion of the 19th generation, and joined Eiji’s team to adventure into the Underworld.

On the journey to adventure with the Devil King and the Champion, the conspiracy hidden is disclosed little by little. Everyone in the team has changed as well. On Lux Continent, the Champion fights against the Devil King, and the story is going in an unforeseeable direction.

Whenever the Underworld Crusade Team reaches a new location, different events and missions will be triggered. In quests, you will bump into all kinds of monsters!

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Android:8.6 iOS:5.7
  • iimitan
    6.30 hrs on record

    If you've ever played a Turn-Base RPG game like Grimms Echoes, Tales series, or something like that, I'm sure you'll be very familiar with the gameplay of Devil Stone that is so simple and easy to operate.

    When we discuss the graphics, I feel like playing Final Fantasy Pocket Edition which has similar graphic qualities like this but is lighter~ ( ・ิϖ・ิ) but I honestly feel unsatisfied for the effects, it's way too simple.

    Not so difficult to collect gold, exp, and skill point.

    The balance of the team kept me alert so I wouldn't lose easily against the boss. It because HP either MP will not regenerate after the battle is over, so here you have to recover both manually or you can use healing skills during battles.

    Last one, for the story can be said to be quite interesting, but in terms of the gameplay experience of the storyline is too straight, maybe if it add a side quest will be even more interesting. m(_ _;)m

    *forgot to mention it, this game can be play OFFLINE if you already download the full data around ±500MB andddd actually you can choose 5 language in this game, English included.

  • RiKxDragneeL
    Expected value

    Story is not that interesting and the character designs are not good.Though they look nice in there chibi form


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