Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories

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  • FRED
    played 5 hrs 22 mins

    Do we really have to talk about this game? Abbreviated download it now, now really if you like horror games, a first-rate game in all respects, amazing story and truly truly stunning graphics as well as gameplay. You start as a detective who doesn't remember anything from what happened, all you remember is that she was looking for a girl. The game is beautiful and worth downloading in which you can not only control the character but experience a real horror experience with scary but beautiful music, as well as with your interaction with the place and the story you can even fight those ghosts and collect weapons and explore the story

  • Gabriel Rosa
    played 6 hrs 20 mins

    Este jogo é incrível, se você quer um jogo de terror que o envolva, basta comprar este jogo


    This game is awesome, if you want a horror game that will involve you, just buy this game

  • NolanPrz
    played 4 hrs 9 mins

    Sin duda alguna, de los mejores juegos de terror para moviles. Vale la pena la pena cada dólar, totalmente recomendado.

  • Matoi
    played 3 hrs 40 mins

    it's beautiful, One of the best games to Mobile

  • 手机用户1085184

    beautiful game🙆🏽‍♂️definitely console quality

    feels like Re7 or re2 remake with dumbed down grahics