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  • Mr.BlueSky

    Can anyone tell why this game keep saying "checking service"?

    Or... this just don't give me playing or I'm actually can't play this game? At first I can play and then... it's just like what im saying above :( Hope someone can tell me maybe..


      use solo vpn and use screen translation app

    • Mr.BlueSky

      Actually I can't the game becuz they saying "checking service" on login screen,its weird that they not said "can't login the game" instead they said "checking service" :(

      Btw Im use translate app

  • User3046973

    why I can't log in game ??

  • Eclipse Seventh

    accelerate for global release

  • Dewandha Finart
    3.28 hrs on record

    Some tips (must)BEFORE download and playing:

    1. Because of this great game has region lock and ip blocks (must korean) then CHANGE ur region to South Korea and Time zone to Seoul(UTC+9).

    2. Get SoloVpn (vpn app) in Playstore - open it - select south korea - connect

    3. Start the download (it's around 5GB)

    4. Enjoy the great graphics MMORPG with Korean language (11:12 graphic comparison with BDM)

    • AyanoKoji-kunバツ

      why i cant install the game please help me. its saying when i try to install it apo not installed

    • Dewandha Finart

      What's your phone? Make sure Play Protect didn't prevent you installing another games outside from PlayStore, if so then disable it first and try again. Let me know when you're done.

    • AyanoKoji-kunバツ

      i disabled it but nothing happend.

    • AyanoKoji-kunバツ

      can you give me a tip i when i enter the game and playit my character and other just like map turn out to be black i can see nothing but the joystick.

    • Dewandha Finart

      I'm afraid i can't, but blackscreen things sometimes lead to hardware errors or maybe incompatible (gpu/cpu) i think. better try another apk source.

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  • AyanoKoji-kunバツ
    3 mins on record

    can someone help me.?😢

    when i try to download it and installed it, IT SAYS APP NOT INSTALLED. i try several times but nothing happened it keep saying app not installed.

    please gave me an solution to my problem. thanks.

  • Candra Setiawan

    if u still cant login see this tutorial

    if you lag and delay do this

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  • paulus hendrick

    can be work with ram 2 gb???

    • Mbee


    • 乔伊斯黄

      It will work but nowadays Nexon changed the game availability in phones. I used to play it on Mi Pad 4. The last time I play this game is 6 months ago and I can update this game through Play Store using VPN. But now I cannot update anymore. "Device is no longer supported". Also I go here on TapTap and updated it but the update didn't work. Game itself is getting heavy after these updates and no longer support lower phone processors.

  • Francisco Ribei

    versão global POR FAVOR, COREANOS!!!!!!

  • 😈 Devil ๛ AK 👿
    14.73 hrs on record

    U won't believe it I'm download this game 8 time I'm follow all steps Use vpn But game not open,Last time I'm here in login screen I'm Login with Gmail and click के start but game not open 😢

  • 시바
    348.63 hrs on record

    갓겜 내 플레이 시간이 말해준다

  • Ma Tôn

    ... có cần fake ip không ạ ?

  • กิตติพล พินิจกิ
    360.10 hrs on record

    good morning

  • Tzͨuͪyͦuͧ
    620.83 hrs on record

    Dont play this game anymore

    90% koreans are using bots in this game

    Yesterday i tried to see condition of this game, its full of bots that even made the app crashed

    If you see lot of chars with random names, those are all bots

    Lol i never thought this game will be dead because of bots

    • 乔伊斯黄

      @Tzuyu I agree with you. I've also noticed that there are lots of automatic dumb players in-game. they automatically move in the riverside and auto fishing then auto walk to a merchant and auto craft. that's a ridiculous farming mode😂😂😂😑😑😑

      anyway my chinglish is good :-)

    • 乔伊斯黄

      I use Google translate 😑😂😂❤️❤️

    • 手机用户689988

      I don't care about that.. even that true i'm not regret It to find such a beautiful game like this.. LOL Is so hard to getting MMORPG like this Nowadays 😂😂

    • 永恒的结束

      看不懂 tap自带翻译 强的一笔

    • chhoeuth Siv

      I try to play but cannot understand the words on what to do.

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  • Rendi Tantowi
    5.85 hrs on record

    i surrender after download 6gb i must download 2 gb again total 8 gb

  • Lucas Kaiser

    o meu o personagem fica caindo no infinito durante o tutorial e se eu pular o tutorial o jogo fecha sozinho

  • 手机用户689988

    Hello Why after the update my all data lost ? Gonna play on the lvl 1 again 😭😭😭..

  • Arya Rangga Wir

    yooo brother...finally i can played this game...just follow my instruction:

    1. install the game from TapTap

    2. after installed, DO NOT PLAY TRAHA!! install Vpn first (i used solo vpn) & connect south korea vpn

    3. turn On Traha, download the game & ENJOY THE GAME!!!

    trust me, its works :)

  • Phúc Nguyễn

    does the game have english :D and does it have IP block,i live in VietNam, South East Asia.i hope not :(

    • Tùng Phan

      anh co install dc game ko , em ko cai dc , mac du tai dc :

    • Phúc Nguyễn

      cài được vào dc. nhưng đang vướng ip block mà lười fake quá

    • Phùng Minh Mẫn

      tải rồi

    • Phùng Minh Mẫn

      nhưng vô cứ load hoài ông chỉ tui fake ip với... mấy phần mêm hổ trợ mak éo biết cái nào ok cả...

    • Phúc Nguyễn

      lên chplay. tải openvpn ,tải thêm cái korea vpn plugin của nó.rồi chuyển dt về chế độ máy bay để tắt sim, xong bật wifi + cái korea vpn rồi vào gảm

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  • Kazima Shuki

    how many files do i have to download ? i have ram 2DG ,STORAGE 8GB FREE ,android VERSION 5.1. IS it ok with this game

  • Abdellah

    Hi there.....what can to say this is m'y new style game morrpg in m'y days of course i looove this style story......maybe i dont know how to playing l'île othere but un futur i will ne game help me for accept new friends in this word.i play black désert m and lineage 2 révolution ans rebirth m but a little time not one week.......finaly excuseme for m'y bas language of english

    • JUN

      This game is MMORPG game, graphics are being developed as Unreal 4 and will be released on April 18. There's a play video on YouTube, look for it! game graphics is awesome!!!




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