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Developer Notes:

Android Test started at 10:00 am (GMT+8) October 23, 60 gacha tickets for how to receive
1. After you successfully logged in, the system will automatically issue 30 gacha tickets via the mailbox. Please check the in-game mailbox.
2. After spending 30 gacha tickets in the game, please go to the “安卓延期补偿福利” panel in the event announcement to receive the remaining 30 gacha tickets.
Collect time: October 23-25

Editor notes

“VGAME” Android Beta Test launched on October 23
Game Size: 2gb (≥ 3gb empty space)

VGAME Discord:

Promotional Video / Screenshot

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Network Required


"If our cognition is subverted, the existing laws are forcibly distorted or erased. What will our world be like?"

Do you believe that our world is not a single existence?

When the “real city” is intertwined with the “different world”, you are mistaken for the parallel world – you are the owner of the power. In the face of mysterious clubs, intricate organizations, and the visions that sometimes appear in cities... Are this unusual world and sudden awakening abilities, are you facing a trap or a truth?

Now, you must walk between the real world and the parallel world, communicate with the organizational partners in the real world, and jointly resist the strangeness that exists only in the parallel world. Use your courage and strength to do everything you can, to open the fog and find the truth, to maintain the balance of the world's laws; however, as more intelligence and clues are presented, it seems that there is a greater conspiracy behind it.

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Detailed info

  • File Size: 1.98GB
  • Current Version: 1.0.0
  • Update Time: May 27, 2020
  • Developer: VANEPLUS STUDIO
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  • max20091
    played 2 hrs 20 mins

    OBT review:


    Good 3D graphic without consuming too much battery.

    Interesting cyberpunk settings.

    Stable 60 FPS tested in all conditions.

    Acceptable skill effects, long enough counter duration.


    There aren't much things to test here, got bored soon after 3hrs of testing.

    Sluggish animations and combat moves put player to disadvantage.

    Boring fight and feels empty as there is only 1 type of attack after used all skills, long skill cd duration.

    Hard to predict enemies attack moves.

    No left stick locking option. Bruh.

    === who's playin' ===

    ☐ Kiddo

    ☑ Everyone

    ☑ Casual players

    ☑ Veteran players

    === Graphics ===

    ☐ Kindergarten Coloring book

    ☐ Really bad

    ☐ Bad

    ☑ OK

    ☑ Good

    ☐ Beautiful

    ☐ Masterpiece

    === $ Price/quality ===

    ☑ It's free!

    ☑ P2W hiding behind F2P

    ☑ Can play the story mode without paying a single cent

    ☐ Full price

    ☑ Wait for sale

    ☑ Dread | Hate | Despair

    === Phone power requirement ===

    ☐ Raspberry Pi

    ☐ Minimum

    ☑ Medium

    ☑ Fast

    ☐ High

    ☐ NASA computer

    === Difficulty ===

    ☐ You can beat the game without even touching the screen

    ☐ Ez GG

    ☑ Eh it depends on the level

    ☑ Hard

    ☐ Dark Souls

    === Game time/length ===

    ☐ Really short (0 - 2 hours)

    ☐ Short (2 - 8 hours)

    ☑ Few hours (8 - 12 hours) -

    ☐ Long (12+ hours)

    ☑ Endless mode!

    === Story ===

    ☐ ....huh?

    ☑ Meh

    ☑ it alright

    ☐ Good

    ☐ Fantastic

    ☑ Not even finished being designed

    === Bugs ===

    ☑ Game itself is one big BUG

    ☑ Bugs destroying the game

    ☐ Lot of bugs

    ☑ Few bugs

    ☐ You can use them for speedrun

    ☐ Nothing

  • 南外知物.
    41 mins played





    2.奇核和發生器品質顯示不明顯。 (c和b到底啥意思)








    • Nong New


    • illya & Kuro


  • 길고양이
    played 1 hrs 49 mins

    언어장벽으로 인해 스토리, 부가기능 관련은 제외하고 오직 게임성만 보았을때 액션게임이란 주체에서 필요한 사운드, 타격감은 실로 훌륭한거같습니다. 각 무기를 사용하는 캐릭터 컨셉에 맞게 검사는 날카로운 타격음과 날렵한 움직임, 격투가는 묵직하고 시원한 타격음과 둔한 움직임을 보여주는것처럼 세세한 곳도 신경쓴 개발진에 노력을 볼수있습니다. 남녀캐릭터에 비율도 맞고 각 캐릭터마다 매력도 다분한거같습니다. 얼른 영어라도 나오면 좋겠네요 홍홍 p.s 갤럭시 s10 5g 기준 발열도 어느정도 있고 팅김이 좀 잦습니다. 폰 사양 참고하시면 좋을거같습니다.

  • toast
    played 11 hrs 55 mins



    手机型号:Redmi note 7 Pro

    系统:MIUI 10.3.11





  • Royalflare
    played 2 hrs 55 mins

    I was not really surprised that it has 6.0 rating on TapTap. Although the official offered 60 rolls compensation for the Android delay, there is nothing helpful to the whole game experience. I mean the game does not make me wanna play without close it. Compared to the second CBT around May, this OBT even worse to me. Just a shortlist of what is good and bad.


    + Great graphic quality, high-quality character in 3D models

    + Overall battle performance is smooth on my phone, my phone is Blackshark 2

    + Skills effect looks great, easy to use and counterattack is friendly (response time is long)

    + Very interesting cyberpunk background settings, the neon city gives me a feel of what expected in the future world.


    - My phone gets quite burned when I play under recommended graphic setting

    - Play in level-based, scene and enemies in each chapter is just same, even enemies in cpt 1 and 2 are pretty same, almost each levels has three waves of enemies, each wave has 2 - 3 enemies, just keep repeating it and lacks interaction. This is a heavy ARPG not an Idle game.

    - No skip option to those EXP levels, I have to manually farm them even I reach 3 stars challenges.

    - Hit effect is OK but just OK, not excellent

    The above are only my pov, may not appropriate for everyone.

    • Dēᴹøñ

      Dang you're critical with your reviews. The game just released, and you already have pros and cons.

      Nice job. This is pretty impressive.

    • Valentine

      I thought the scythe guy with the cages was interesting, but you make a good point. I can understand being a bit redundant when you are just getting familiar with the gacha and the alternate characters. It would provide a chance to try different people and new strategies without the entire battle changing on you. This would probably be better as side quests, though (read: OPTIONAL).


      is it under maintenance..? cause its not in english..? can u tell me how to change the language...?

    • Royalflare

      i already played the second CBT, and iOS version for about 2 weeks so I believe I know what this game looks like now and before

    • Dēᴹøñ

      Oh. Still nice job on the review bro. Give yourself a pat on the back. :)

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