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Developer notes:

Android Test started at 10:00 am (GMT+8) October 23, 60 gacha tickets for how to receive
1. After you successfully logged in, the system will automatically issue 30 gacha tickets via the mailbox. Please check the in-game mailbox.
2. After spending 30 gacha tickets in the game, please go to the “安卓延期补偿福利” panel in the event announcement to receive the remaining 30 gacha tickets.
Collect time: October 23-25

Editor notes

“VGAME” Android Beta Test launched on October 23
Game Size: 2gb (≥ 3gb empty space)

VGAME Discord:


"If our cognition is subverted, the existing laws are forcibly distorted or erased. What will our world be like?"

Do you believe that our world is not a single existence?

When the “real city” is intertwined with the “different world”, you are mistaken for the parallel world – you are the owner of the power. In the face of mysterious clubs, intricate organizations, and the visions that sometimes appear in cities... Are this unusual world and sudden awakening abilities, are you facing a trap or a truth?

Now, you must walk between the real world and the parallel world, communicate with the organizational partners in the real world, and jointly resist the strangeness that exists only in the parallel world. Use your courage and strength to do everything you can, to open the fog and find the truth, to maintain the balance of the world's laws; however, as more intelligence and clues are presented, it seems that there is a greater conspiracy behind it.

Detailed info

  • File Size : 1.94GB
  • Current Version : 0.7.1
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: VANEPLUS STUDIO
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Latest Version :6.5 Android:6.9 Past 7 days : 6.8
  • Zsolt Feke

    This must be the best of its kind! I really enjoy it!

    the graphics are great!

    moving cars on the streets, and the bus stops at the bus stop. 😁

    The world in this game is big! I reallylove that I can walk around in the city and the mall for hours to explore everything!

    The minigames are cool too! 😂 I just hate the one where electric rods are pushing me back.. 😑

    I don't speak or read a chineese word, but I figured out everything in the menu in a few hours. however, I still don't know what are the quests.. I just kill wahatever I see on the field. 😁 Mostly it works.

    I am really looking for skins for my characters. i justdon't want my characters to look exactly like the other ones. Luckily I haven't seen any of the same character like the one I use. yet...

    No autoquest! 😉 You have to do what needed to do. YAY!

    Sadly my wechat account is blocked for not using it for long time or whatever.. So, I hope there will be other methods too to connect it to an account, so my stuffs will be saved if I reset my phone.

    I like the real-lyfe-style advertisings! They look cool on the walls!

    The game control is a bit pain in the grass for me as one of the buttons is under another one on the fight screen. So it's a bit difficult. but, that may be only on my device. i don't know..

    To be honest, I wasn't sure that it will run on my BlackBerry KeyOne, but it does. So, it may run on every midrange mobile! And, that's a big PRO to a game with graphics like this!

    • สีดำ ซิเรียส

      what's language bro ? english or chinese ?

    • Zsolt Feke

      It's mainly chinese, but in the menu there are small english writings, so You can find what You need. And, in the tutorial, You can learn most of the things You need to do.

      to collect the daily rewards, just look for the red exclamation marks. I just click the chinese writings that have exclamation marks, and I get the rewards.. for I don't know what, as I can't read it.. but I can play it without any problems. I've never lost in the game because of the language.

      and, if I really want to know something that is written, I pick my other phone and I use the Google translator in camera mode. that can also help a lot. 😉

  • Narukami

    im not quite understand, app cannot be installed, i have 7gb more space. this app use type armv7 and support android 5 to 9 which should work fine in my phone but not. i may assume this is called not compatible

    i already download this installer apk v0.7.1 for twice and im done.

    • Zeinab Harake

      try to delete some your apps or try to wait for another update since its only CBT, -many bugs are happening in-game.

    • Narukami

      only choice is wait for new update indeed.

  • Haise

    stuck on update it super slow and stuck on 15mb why i have 4g... pls help

  • ShellArc

    I love the graphics and minigames. Because I can't understand the story, I'll skip it. For gameplay though, I feel like almost all the characters rely on that button that randomly appears (and ultimate) to do most of their damage which means that their skills, even if cool to look at, have too long cooldowns and are not satisfying to use in combat which makes the game repetetive without much too compensate for it

  • 手机用户1353200

    I already update the game but after the update, my screen just blank i can hear music but it just black screen plz fix it im using huawei mate 20pro

  • General

    Tap한글공지: 9월 24일 "VGAME" iOS 버전 정식 출시!

    안녕하세요, 여러분. 2018년 11월 25일부터 "VGAME"을 예약해주신 모든 분께 감사드립니다.  생각지도못하게 ”VGAME”의 앱스토어의 심사가 빠르게 통과되어 9월 24일 "VGAME"의 iOS버전이 드디어 출시되었습니다! 또한 "VGAME"의 중문 이름은《VGAME:소영의 세계》로 결정되었습니다.  VGAME의 중국어 이름을 정하는 것은 매우 재

  • Official General

    “VGAME” Login Guide & Basic Translation

    # 中文: On Oct 23, one month after the iOS release, Android finally had its beta test launch. This test will not wipe data after it and there is no specific end date, so yo

  • Official General


    尊敬的各位白翼: 《VGAME:消零世界》即將與10月23日10:00安卓不刪檔計費測試,假如您在體驗《VGAME:消零世界》的過程中,有任何吐槽、建議,或者發現bug,請移步到本帖評論區反饋,以便製作組能夠及時接收各位小伙伴反饋以及解決問題! (#^.^#) 如果是建議或吐槽,小伙伴們可以暢所欲言,但請注意不要討論與《VGAME:消零世界》無關的內容。如果是BUG,請按照以下格式提交!以便於

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    《VGAME:消零世界》論壇綜合導航帖:資訊、 影片、曝光、都在這

    這是一個持續更新的集合貼。 上線前瞻、一手資料、玩法曝光、討論話題和試玩影片 都可以在下面的連接尋找哦~ 感謝大家對《VGAME:消零世界》的關注~ 【教學】好康的來了!VGame開放Android版,我該怎麼登入遊戲啊?看底加! 【建議】【閾界異常備忘錄3.1】吐槽、建議、Bug統統扔這裡! 【官方】開測前,給各位玩家的一封信 【參測須知】安卓不刪檔計費測試注意事項! 【新角色參戰】《攻殼

  • Official General


    尊敬的各位白翼:  《VGAME:消零世界》預計將於11月19日22:00~24:00之間進行不停機更新,屆時不會影響您的正常體驗,同時製作組也為大家準備了更新獎勵,請悉知。本次熱更內容: 1、服務器優化2、更新卡池UP角色-麗麗悟3、更新核心UP卡池-武道系4、 新增7日登陸簽到福利5、新增體力消耗福利活動獎勵內容:【維度特飲*30、閾石*50】 VGAME製作組2019年11月1



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