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That is a fantastic world, and there is a mystery towers.
The story is about the young boy "Rye (ライ)" and the girl "Miliesia (マイリージャ).

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  • File Size : 91.03MB
  • Current Version : 1.5.0
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  • Developer: COLOPL, Inc.
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  • Valentine

    Imagine if Another Eden had tried to make the models look more complex than the 3DS and added some support for movement that didn't feel like it was locked to a D-pad. For anyone that was thinking this was a clone, you are mistaken.

    This game uses a decent combination of dialogs, animations, and cutscenes for the story. The cutscenes do not always fit perfectly and use a completely different art style, but they are rare enough to seem like a reward for progress. The story is immersive and feels like a full console title that was made for mobile, not simply ported to it.

    No game is complete without an auto mode, even if there is no need for them at all. Auto mode can be interrupted by dialog, requires being manually enabled with each battle, and appears to be more of a quick way to perform basic attacks, since no skills are included. At least it shows there is some consideration for the fact that auto is an insult to the genre.

    If you haven't already downloaded this game, you are wasting valuable time.

  • Royalflare

    A turn-based JRPG made by COLOPL, the first screen from its PV to me like OMG, how it is different from Another Eden? Either the interface, the modeling and battle system. Except Project Babel is a 3D game and Another Eden is 2D.

    But a good story telling game I cannot refuse especially most time in single play mode with little in game purchase desire, this is not different from Project Babel, compares to WFS's game. Firstly, the story is so so, some not make sense like how do I suppose to think I can teleport to another place where I have no memory about it? Although it is good way to show how this feature works in JRPG to push story forward, the Another Eden has achieved it with more sensible storyline. Then, almost whole gameplay in single play, but does not mean you don't need desire to buy paid items to improve your power. Gacha include characters and mixed with weapons! Why weapon should be drew and mixed with characters? Each character has awaken system and along with weapons, the same character or weapon or its pieces grant 1 awaken level, character has unlimited awaken times!? So, it might mean that in the future high difficulty level included in events which you need high awaken levels character to beat it...Quite disappointed...

    Anyway, this game's quality is great, although your device easily getting hot. Many cons here which I really want to give 5 stars, a good try..😔

  • Kinneas

    overall this game is fun to play and I also like the character. Its just the main characters are very similar to cloud strife from final fantasy 7.😁

  • futatsuki92
    3.17 hrs on record

    3D version Another Eden? I'm in!! 😆😆

  • Nitsuga Vuerīno

    do you want to follow the story without translating it one by one. I can make it if you are interested.

  • Choice


    這裡提供幾則攻略讓大家參考,主要是針對新手翻譯的初階攻略。 如果有其他想知道的資訊、或者想要我翻譯的也可以在這裡說聲。 【攻略】基本介面翻譯,給完全不懂日文的人 【攻略】有效率地提升等級 【攻略】戰鬥力提升、育成訣竅公開! 【攻略】推薦的ジョブ(JOB)編排 【攻略】地牢「巴別塔懲罰層」攻略彙整

  • Choice

    『Project Babel』Guides navigation for beginner

    The basic walkthrough guides about how to effectively and efficiently play the "Project Babel" If there is any information you want to know or translate from source wiki, please let me know ❀【Walkthro

  • English

    when English version release

  • 卡關了


  • Choice


    以下內容翻譯自: 如有錯誤請告知更正,侵權刪。 ------------------------------ 【「巴別塔懲罰層」是什麼?】 「巴別塔懲罰層」就是遊戲中的地牢,會在主線第11章節破關後開啟,玩家可以在此得到強化武器的必要素材。 進入方式可以從畫面左上角的「飛翔(快速移動)」功能裡選擇「イベント(event,試







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