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Langrisser is finally here! Get it now on from Google Play and the App Store!

Time: January 22nd at 10:00 AM (CST)
Region: NA, Parts of EU, AU
For region details, please check on official website:
Platform: iOS (App Store) & Android (Google Play)

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The current version is a beta version and does not represent the final quality of the game.

The classic Japanese Strategy RPG Langrisser, is back with its first ever mobile game! Featuring over 300 classic stages from Langrisser history, a full cast of all the legendary characters from the series, a completely original storyline, and a vast fantasy world of swordplay and sorcery, Langrisser returns with its trademark turn-based gameplay and all-new extreme real time PvP combat never seen before in a mobile game!

The Langrisser series spans five generations of original games, loved by players across the world. In this new mobile iteration, the legend is born again, featuring original music from series composer Noriyuki Iwadare and an art style that is as distinct as it is stunning. The game features classic turn-based tactical gameplay, with different terrains, each with their own special battle effects, mutually restraining unit types, and multiple upgrade paths for each hero providing myriad formation and combat possibilities. The battle between light and shadow had been reignited! Bring salvation to the continent of El Sallia and prepare for a battle to the bitter end against evil minions and gigantic dragons, all with your friends right there by your side!

Classic Turn-based Strategic Battles Are Back Once Again!
Classic turn-based gameplay lies at the heart of the Langrisser series and has been faithfully restored in the new mobile version, with class restraint and terrain factors dictating your combat formation, and your strategy determining the final outcome of battle.

Revisit Over 300 Perfectly Recreated Classic Stages!
Langrisser for mobile sees the true rebirth of the legendary series, with over 300 classic battles from the five original games that celebrate the golden age of tactical battle design.

Multiple Class Upgrade Paths! Choose Your Destiny!
The highly anticipated class transfer system of the original games is back, with each hero possessing their own unique transfer tree. Transfer between different classes according to the overall needs of your team and take full advantage of your heroes’ greatest strengths.

Embark on a Magical Quest for the Legendary Sword!
Experience Langrisser on your mobile device for the first time and return to the long-lost continent of El Sallia in pursuit of the legendary holy sword!

Collect Your Favorite Heroes from the Langrisser Series!
The most iconic heroes from the original series are all here and ready to charge into battle! Elwin, Leon, Sherry, Bernhardt, Ledyn, Dehault… All of the heroes embroiled in the battle of light and shadow have returned to the battlefield!

Slay Epic Bosses with Your Friends in Huge Real-Time Battles!
For the first time in Langrisser’s history, you can engage in real-time tactical combat with players around the world and take on a host of deadly bosses with your friends in epic team battles!

Stunning Anime Art Style and Soundtrack!
Lose yourself in beautifully detailed artwork that needs to be seen to be believed and enjoy the complete soundtrack of the original series, as Noriyuki Iwadare returns to personally compose the score for Langrisser’s new mobile adventure

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1.       All-new heroes are ready for action! Introducing SSR Sigma and SSR Lambda!
2.       The flames of war are set to be reignited like never before! A new era of PvP is dawning, Commanders -- the Apex Arena awaits your challenge!
3.       The Secret Realm dungeon, Ever-Dark Contract, will return for a limited time only! Complete challenges for amazing rewards!
4.       The Secret Realm Sweep function is here! Prepare for an all-new Secret Realm experience!

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  • File Size : 1.50GB
  • Current Version : 2.8.2
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: ZlongGames
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