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Exos Heroes is a hero collection mobile RPG developed by OOZOO, which also made the first game Exos Saga which was published by Eyedentity Games. Other than mentioning the polished 3 D graphics and having over 200 heroes, different gameplay modes were also promised.

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Latest Version :7.6 Android:7.8
  • Hanzo
    59 mins on record

    easy 5 stars everything about this game is awesome

  • Gianmarco Russo
    Expected value

    Amazing graphics and detail. Don't know much about the story since it's in Korean but based on character's interactions it looks funny. Really can't wait for the global release in English!

  • Valentine
    Expected value

    If you are reading this, you are wasting valuable time that could be spent playing. This is not one of the new high-definition mobile games that tried so hard to provide impressive graphics and ended up with something that looks almost pixelated. It is something that worked within the limitations of the hardware to create an art style that can best be compared to Borderlands (on console, not mobile).

    The story is clear without even understanding the language. This is because the characters have expressions that fit the scene. In a review of Aura Kingdom 2, I mentioned how attempting to tell a story with characters layered over the scene made it confusing and felt out of place. Here, you can see how it should work.

    The only thing keeping this game from being perfect is the auto battle. While it is locked when starting out, it is still there. I keep hoping one day mobile games will realize that you don't need to compensate for a lack of space if you already include all of the controls. Automation was meant to simplify the display. Removing the standard attack would be one justifiable use, but removing any interaction also removes a lot of immersion.

    That said, this is still an excellent game. LINE has really been knocking it out of the park recently with the release of First Summoner and now moving into beta on this one. I look forward to the release.


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  • YFGaming
    Expected value

    if you're having a problem and can't understand a thing in this game, just simply use a life hack. Use google translate using your mobile or using your sub mobile and it'll resolve everything. love the gameplay and the best of mobile turn based/hero collection game out there.

  • Raul Ridho
    Expected value

    great game, great graphic, great story, can't wait for global/English Ver


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