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Exos Heroes is released
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Exos Heroes is a hero collection mobile RPG developed by OOZOO, which also made the first game Exos Saga which was published by Eyedentity Games. Other than mentioning the polished 3 D graphics and having over 200 heroes, different gameplay modes were also promised.

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※11월 29일 업데이트(v1.0.4 )※

- 창조의 문 : 페이트코어 레시피, 영입, 연마, 경험 이벤트 레시피 추가
- 창조의 문 잊혀진 장비 레시피 내 영웅 5종 전용 장비 추가
- 영웅전 : 에이프릴 이야기 추가
- 신규 코어 페스타 시작 : 에이프릴 페이트 코어 최종 보상 지급
- 한계 돌파 기능 삭제
- 크리스마스 테마 추가
- 시스템 개선 및 버그 수정

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  • Developer: Line Games
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Latest Version :7.1 Android:7.3
  • Mario Juliando
    6.97 hrs on record

    yeah..now i can finally play it, no need VPN , thanks devs for the updated, awesome game, hope i can play english version soon.

  • Nrhan

    just sharing from others:

    ATTENTION: Some Xiaomi devices need to be RESTARTED after the setting being changed, or you might run into force close when you redownload the game!!!


    Tips for those who had "invalid apk" problem while you installing: You need to turn off *MIUI Optimization* in the phone settings (works on Mi phone).

    Open Developer Mode may cause some unexpected problems, but you can turn on MIUI optimization and turn off developer mode after installing the apk. It won't effect the game.

    or u can just go to setting..apps..the game name..and set all allow like storage..camera..contact..etc.. go to the game..restart it..

    Hope it helps you guys! Android phone is kinda troublesome indeed, but we like it anyway coz there are some many korean n japanese games we can play!!

    • Nrhan

      or try login with fb at first..

  • Muhammad Faisha

    Thank you to the developer, the game can be opened. Is good game with fun gameplay because I like turnbase games. for the grapic, it's also not less interesting, it's just fps drop when using skills. Good game (edited)

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  • User2475378

    juste thank you,this is the best gasha game.

    4gb yes,but he is just beautiful,very nice turn based

  • Nattapon Sudsan

    I hope the game will launch in global.

    I like both of Graphic and character design.

    So fantastic!

    • Valentine

      You might be in luck. There is an unnecessary (for now) language option in settings.

    • Jules Diolata

      i can't find the language settings you spoke of..

    • jed-cel santos

      i found the language settings but i cant change it from korean

    • Valentine

      "There is an unnecessary (for now) language option in settings."

      Meaning it is exclusively Korean, but the setting implies it may not be forever.


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