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  • Nagato
    14 mins on record

    when i click download there stay "no enough space" but i selected My SD cart (16gb) but its dont working

    pls help me!

  • ReadTextMsg

    If you look up RTM Mods on YouTube (Channel with 200 Subs) I uploaded a video on how to download/update to 1.0.8! Or you can copy this link directly to the video: Let me know if it works :)

  • p1k4ss0
    6.48 hrs on record

    Pew, pew, pew (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

    Game is good. Good for casual gaming. Very easy controls. Optimize gaming. Not a fan of Battle Royale so the fast-paced/deathmatch really suits for me. Good job COD!(though I am not a fan of the franchise)

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  • Denisa Vornicu
    15.72 hrs on record

    it doesnt open anymore(meaning that i cant get past the screen with the image of the snipers...(?) )It worked 1 hour ago tho,i even downloaded it again (it got stuck at 32%,however)

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  • Jiwan Thapa
    9.22 hrs on record

    😭😭 What happened ?? I tried opening it there is an error stating that the game is not available in my area !! If you let us download a game then suddenly, we won't be able to play it? Been waiting for the release of this game for months, now we have to wait for OBT!?!?!?!?! Come on! It's so frustrating !!!!

    • User1556465

      I have a similar case. Clearly stated this was the global release and now this

    • Arriel Rossi

      Jiwan Thapa I suggest you to download flyvpn app from play store and you know what flyvpn access the unworking game and allows you to activate the game just activate USA region from server and then see if it's works on game to playing 🤗🤗🤗😊😊😊😊

    • Arriel Rossi

      you can also try kiwivpn too if flyvpn not works then msg me later

    • Sagar Bagda

      same problem bro

    • Arriel Rossi

      try my solution on top as I mentioned Sagar Bagda

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  • Khaing Moe

    This game has little bit difficulties at the entrance. Firstly, although I downloaded from play store, this game does NOT work. However, I still strongly expect to play this game...

    In Fact, In their announcement, COD Mobile is not ready to launch in Myanmar area...That is SUCK...😤😤😤

  • Alvast

    Call of Duty is a pvp game, where there are 3 modes of match you can choose, although only 2 so far get unlocked and the other one is still coming soon by the time I write this review (oct 1 2019).


    Those 2 modes are Multiplayer and Battle Royale. I will start from Multiplayer since the Battleroyale can be unlocked only if you reach level 7 and above in game.


    For Multiplayer mode, it is a 5v5 pvp game, in which you already get two weapons that you can choose from loadout section before entering the match. For starter player will get M4 and a knife. As matches go by, player will gain exp and levels up, thus unlock the weapon attachments and can also upgrade the weapons, again in loadout section.


    You will get matched with teammates and enemies that have level not so far from yours, around 1-2 levels above or below you. The maps are small, full of hiding places. You can choose either you will use a sniper or AR weapon in match. There is also an operator skill which you can equip in middle of match after sometime and the damage is more than. normal weapon. You can also call drone to target and shoot your enemies from sky.


    For Battleroyale mode, just similar like other games where you will be in an isolated island fighting with the other 99 players. What different from CoD is, you can choose which classes you want to be, and this class can help you and your teammates in battlefield. There are mechanic, clown, scout, ninja, medic, defender, and the other one still locked called airborne. For example, if you choose Scout, you will get a skill where you can detect any enemies nearby your team.


    There are, of course, tiers in this game, especially for Battleroyale mode. Each has points that you can fulfill and level up, from Rookie to Legendary.


    You cannot create a character here in CoD, unlike Pubg or the other pvp games. Instead, you can choose soldier character that already provided by game. I unlocked 3 so far: Special Ops 1, Special Ops 3, and Scout. The characters range from Common to Rare.


    In Store section you can buy skins for your weapons, using in-game money or real cash. So far I don't see any pay to win items.


    The gameplay is smooth and no lagging. For aiming and firing, there are 2 options: automatic and manual. You can choose these aiming options since the start you go from tutorial.


    I may be will modify this review as I play more.

    • JUN

      thx for nice review!

  • User1548331

    ATTENTION: CoD Mobile all Servers are now online ahead of it's Global launch!!! You can now play the game without being connected to a VPN! ENJOY!

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  • Eva
    6.10 hrs on record

    Satisfied with the Game ✌️✌️😍 but please do something about the hackers.

  • MissIrie

    As expected garena and activision delivered an awesome game. there may be some connection flaws; dropping pings every now and then of course it may be our connection here in our area. overall great experience, graphics are obviously superb wouldnt expect anything less from activision.

    If youve played and liked first person shooter games way back when lan gaming was the thing (multiplayer) Maps are very similar with modern strike maps but who cares lol. and if you love pubg (br) this game may be for you.

    Its sort of an all in one game for first person shooting enthusiasts. CoDM is something you can easily get hooked into once you start.

  • User507256
    15.57 hrs on record

    always not release on Indonesian

    why 😭😭

  • Mahmoud Elkady1

    The gameplay is awesome and battles are enjoyable but I have a problem with MSMC ANCIENT RUNES gun when I try to click on it in Loadout menu the game freezes then stucks and ends working, please any solution, and thank you.

  • Midi Vandi tami
    3 mins on record

    hi frd my first open in YouTube channel psl subsrtice my channel and call of duty problem solved OK frd

    • Midi Vandi tami

    • Midi Vandi tami

    • Midi Vandi tami

    • Midi Vandi tami

      my channel link here

  • percival
    77.27 hrs on record

    call of duty mobile is the best rpg

  • Sham x
    12.53 hrs on record

    those who want to play must use VPN or check me on my tube Sham zero

  • jero hero
    15.73 hrs on record

    Can you guys please put a Google play games as sign in route? Overall game is good, don't like the BR much but the multiplayer mode makes it fun😄👍👍

    • Arriel Rossi

      you can use garena account if you download garena version and yes multiplayer is best but I don't understand yet Royal battle this makes me ***

  • Manila Rupauali
    37 mins on record

    I am not downloading then afterwards I will give you

  • NoName
    157.07 hrs on record

    protonvpn is no longer connecting properly in COD Mobile do you have any alternatives

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  • Tien Tu Nguyen
    11 mins on record

    This game very good. But i hack ip vpn to As And Tw but not can play game. Can you help me

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  • User1564304

    I need help. I have downloaded call of duty mobile and when I play it, then i have to click the "Red dot sight" but when i click it, it doesnt want to react but

    If I click it then I get a tone that I have clicked on it

    But it dont worked. So i have deinstalled the game 3 Times and still the Same Problem. What should i do guys?


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