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    Pay Money To Win....a money sucker....the game theam is awesome ...but it's not survival game anymore

  • ❤kalokb❤ted(來自大陸版精選)

    一開始是看主播玩之後自己也開始玩了,但是覺得一開始的劇情是挺好的,就是到3莊之後就需要肝和氪金了,不氪也行但是武器就很有可能只能做做UZI,本人氪了300多,感覺氪的都是買槍買裝備和抽配方這些,肝的方面是太多了,採集的熟練度我想求求網易大大把獲取的熟練度加多些吧!採集是真的慢,戰鬥還好,有590就可以去核電站刷大飛機。製作我感覺沒做什麼就自動升了,感覺就製作不肝。 (可能我是建築黨)我現在是到7級莊園了,我認為9莊再不出一堆大佬就要退遊了。

  • Xuân Phú
    18.25 hrs on record

    mn ơi mình không bt chơi sever nào nhiều người vn đây!??

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  • XanwingsCorp

    Oh Netease , Poor developer wants to Make a money and then they make a P2W Game , TENCENT will KILL YOU when CODELIVE is RELEASE , PREPARE YOURSELF ! , You don't hear any Of Our Complain , Yet Your Server still lags , Lags When Mystic , Even at Hope 101 is lag , You build a SUPER POWERFULL WEAPON Called HOWITZER , 1-2 Shot 1 Kill , No one can dodge it , and only someone who wants to spent their money on your game who will get it , And they for a Free player Can't even win / Hard to win when they face Howitzer at Nancy , Farstar , Charlestown , and Your *** Super Expensive GACHA System , It's PURE 50:50 or GAMBLE , I Spent over 4K+ SUNCOIN and YET I Got nothing from your game , Well you did a VERY GOOD JOB for TAKING our MONEY for your *** system 👍🏻, And STILL you're NOT IMPROVING your game , Now i know why you LOSE when PUBG release that day and RULES OF SURVIVAL is Near to death now , And now you seems really want it again for LIFEAFTER , GET READY FOR YOUR LOSE For 2nd Time when CODELIVE is RELEASE , DON'T TRY TO SUE THEM , THEY ARE THE 2ND BIGGEST COMPANY in CHINA , You just wasting your time for Suing them , They got over TRILLION DOLLAR to make your company gone , and still TENCENT'S GAME never P2W , and ALWAYS MINIMIZE 50:50 GACHA SYSTEM on their game , THEY RESPECT FREE PLAYER and THEY RESPECT The one who pay them too , I hope you read this NETEASE , your game is really good and i Appreciate it , but your DEVELOPMENT TEAM is SUCKS , REALLY Sucks 👍🏻, This is a Pure Complain and not a Negative Context , I hope you learn from this day forward.And one more , You got the BIGGEST TOP UP RATE that i've ever met as a Gamer. Thankyou👋 #WEARERAVENS! #GOODBYELIFEAFTER #HELLOCODELIVE #GOODBYEP2W 👍🏻

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  • Mr.Stabz
    330.07 hrs on record

    Pretty good game, controls are a bit weird, but it's definitely an enjoyable game.

    Edit 1.

    After playing it for a while, I can say that the game itself is a bit unpolished, the censoring system is unnecessary and trash, the amount of network lag players get during Mythicals is horrible. Howitzers in Nancy or Farstar are annoying as hell, NetEase should either ban the use of them there or should re-balance them, because theres no fun in getting killed in less than 2 seconds even with full armor while you deal no damage. Yes, I still enjoy the game, but seeing how easy the PVP part is once you get a howitzer is just making me want to commit neck rope.

  • iimitan
    807.22 hrs on record

    for the first time it's quiet good enough, but after I played this game for a year I honestly to say.. all I need to do is craft, craft, and craftiinggg... but LifeAfter is a perfect game for does who love survival-simulation game! 🌹💕

    I played this game for 797 hours 40 minutes 😂😥 since August 2018.

  • Mega嗕奤宓(來自大陸版精選)


  • siêu sao

    mình chơi bên snowhigland được 1 tháng rùi ,kb chơi chung với mình nhé tên mình: Nhóc_VN

  • Mại Võ

    game hay, chơi hồi tháng 11 năm ngoái ghiền tới h, nhưng mong nhà sx bớt bớt thuế khi bán đồ cho gammer dc nhờ,

  • F.I.C.T.I.O.N

    Can someone help me? cause I seriously am having problems. Whenever I download the game and try to install the package, the installation won't pass through and just say "App not installed". not to mention this app is 3GB. If it's the capacity of my storage, then there's no problem, I have plenty of space since this is not my first RPG game I've ever played. If this problem were to be fixed and I am able to install the game as furthermore play it, then I will be very satisfied and raise the star to 4 to show that the developer respond to these problems allowing players to download and play the game. None-the-less I will also rate the game 5 stars if one day I am able to play it as with good gameplay, graphics, story, build-ups and etc. Please fix this issue. Thank You

  • TK.Jennis

    As a f2p player, I can't really enjoy the game anymore. Constantly just grind grind grind and more griiiinding.,!!

    No more. I'm done with this game.

  • Andrasoul

    This is review from lost player :D

    This game pretty amazing..! Honestly, I enjoy it so much. Just its really.. really.. really big mistakes to determine the server from the choice of phone language.

    I am a SEA player. Who got lost in NA. I don't know at the beginning if there is a SEA server. Because I have my language set on English US. So the SEA server option doesn't come out at the beginning.

    I contact Netease, but.. they cant move my character to SEA server. I cant survive in NA server, cuz my ping really bad.. I can finish all my quest, but cant do nothing in PvP and Boss Camp. Then I guess.. I'm finish with this game.

    Really sad, cuz I like it so much.. but.. Its, feels so bad if u can do nothing for ur camp at Charles war and Boss camp.

    But I definitely, not gonna create new char.. after I reached manor 8 now.. I'm gonna just.. play another game :D

    But honestly, that was most intense game experience that I ever feels.

    • SlothX

      there are only two servers available in the game, NA and Asian (China) servers.

      There are no other servers. In the case you want to go to the asian servers, you'll have to change you language to Simplifed Chinese. Same goes to the US servers, but in US English (not UK ENGLISH, NOT INDIAN ENGLISH, ONLY US ENGLISH)

    • 乔伊斯黄

      我也许迟到了,但你是对的。您的手机必须是全球版本 – 更改语言/国家,以获得 SEA 服务器。如果您的手机是中文 ROM,则只显示 NA 服务器。我被迫购买多语言手机只是为了尝试SEA服务器,我见过很少的中国球员在SEA。游戏是坏的和无聊的。我在玩代号:直播。

  • Kurochi
    128.93 hrs on record

    this is a good game for socializing, also those who love fps and like to build should play this game

  • Alvast
    1459.50 hrs on record

    The game is really superb. It is open world and sandbox, where you can gather, mine, fish, logging, and craft many things, even build house for yourself and your partner. The enemies are not only zombies but also rebellions and imperial armies. BUT the game does makes you bored once you reach the level cap (currently 60-70 by time I write this). You will find that you are doing same repetitive things each day, and events are also repetitive. The world map is huge but the ones filled are only left areas so far, which makes me guess that developer will add more new maps for right areas. Unfortunately before that happens the players are quitting the game, because the dev taking so long time to release new maps and ppl getting bored.

  • Khanh Map

    game này mà nhà phát triển cho tiếng việt zo thì ngon làm nhiệm vụ khó

  • Jannat Khalid

    the game is very cool

  • Thạch Sùng

    Game quá hay nhưng làm nv hơi cực :))

  • leflef04
    431.52 hrs on record

    nice game

  • Siwar Bj
    70.67 hrs on record

    Pless fix the server its too lagi and slow and please make this game works for low android devices so avry one can play this game better and fun 😭😔

    • XZjayX

      you should write the review in Google Play so the makers can see your massage

    • Siwar Bj

      I did that but no one respond 😭

    • 乔伊斯黄


  • Nightwof

    your server its scks, why u never repaired ur server, invasion lag, camp boss lag, map boss lag, Clash CT Lag. u will loose ur player. everyone waiting to playing Tencent gaming. we all already move to Tencent, ur game Realy unfair. when Tencent released u will feels likes ur gatcha fusion just wish ur member still staying in ur game.

    • Nightwof

      u give reward for recall player but we hate gacha fusion,but no respon from UNINSTALL this game,bye lifeafter.






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