ISOLAND 3: Dust of the Universe

ISOLAND 3: Dust of the Universe


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At the end of ISOLAND 2, the rocket is finally launched into the space.
So what happens next?

In the third installment of ISOLAND franchise, the player has an opportunity to explore the story even further, which is also an opportunity for ourselves to test our curiosity and creativity.

I would like to footnote ISOLAND 3 with my favorite artist Maurits Cornelis Escher,
to explain the significance of art.
Every player of ISOLAND now is able to set off again with his curiosity.
I wish you all find the answer to your love when you complete the game.

[How to Play]
Lost on the island, you must search for clues by clicking items in the scene. As you complete a series of puzzles, you will learn more and more about the mysterious happenings on the island, bringing to light a long-forgotten history.

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  • File Size: 324.65MB
  • Current Version: 1.0.9
  • Update Time: Jun Tue, 2020
  • Developer: 胖布丁游戏
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Android:9.5 iOS:9.3

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