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"Meteor, Butterfly And a Sword" and the classic video game "Dynasty Warriors 9" officially launched a joint event this summer. The brave warrior Lu Bu and the goddess of the battlefield will meet with the heroes of Jianghu Yinghao in the annual grand revision of "One Sword Unparalleled". Players will have the opportunity to become a classic Three Kingdoms character, greet the challenge of the ghost god Lu Bu.
The gang’s strategy play “power war” debuted, commanding the soldiers to attack the city and complete the dominance of the unified rivers and lakes! Climbing the tower to try to fight against the enemy, and compete with the players!

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【流星群俠傳 X 真三國無雙8】硬核聯動強勢登場,無雙巔峰等你來戰!
1. 組隊征討虎牢關,挑戰最強鬼神 – 呂布。
2. 鍛造強勁無雙兵器,體驗武將專屬絕學。
3. 聯動限定外觀,化身呂布、貂蟬,方天畫戟、豔芙蓉配飾上線。
4. 全新幫派策略玩法,運籌帷幄一統江湖。
5. 爬塔試煉迎戰強敵,極限副本競速爭鋒 。
6. 江湖新章開啟,巨型BOSS蟒神登場 。
7. 系統相容性優化 。

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  • Developer: Poseidon Games
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Latest Version :8.4 Android:8.4
  • Chandra Fachrul

    try English

  • bojo

    is this english?

  • Emilia
    6.98 hrs on record

    Snap 625, Can Play Smooth With High Graphic, And Got 29Fps+

    • Noob

      my phone xiaomi redmi 5 plus snap 625, my setting normal lock mode 60 fps, run gameplay 50 fps so smooth

  • Royalflare

    I knew "Meteor, Butterfly, Sword" when I was really young and at that time I just felt this game was difficult to start and extreme hard to master it. When it came to mobile, the slogan of this game tried to keep the difficulty of its classic and also optimize for everyone to get started.

    I love the art style of traditional Chinese martial art. The Chinese ink painting style also be the joint of feature. But also really difficult.

    Now it collaborates with "Dynasty Warriors 9", it is a great chance to jump into if you really interested in martial art and want to receiver a big challenge.

  • Suhardy Ardy
    3 mins on record




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