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Pixel Survival Game 2 is the sequel to the popular survival game Pixel Survival Game.Many years has past since the Heroes of Pixel Survival were saved from the many lonely nights. The reclaimed town has been peaceful until now, where you must lead the Heroes once again... to more surviving!
Explore, defeat monsters, gather loot, harvest resources, build a base and survive!
If all you want to do is just KILL, then join the arena and face endless waves of monsters!
There will be different worlds to explore, monsters to defeat, loot to gather and traps to build for your survival!
Play alone or with up to 3 friends together online!
Share resources, arsenals, and experience the fun together!
Many secrets await you in Pixel Survival Game 2.
- Online multiplayer up to 4 players (with friends list)
- Find monster eggs and hatch them into cool pets!
- over hundreds of items to discover
- craft mysterious items with secret combinations
- 3 different modes (Arena, Survival, Exploration)
- lots of traps to craft for your survival
- boss fights!
The game is meant to be hard. You will need to figure a lot of things out but there are QUESTS that provides rewards that teaches you mechanics of the game.
#1 - Complete book of survival quest
#2 - Complete Miffie's quest
#3 - Complete Green's quest
Chest Tips:
Silver Chest - All items, loot chance base on item rarity
Golden Chest - All equipment and cards, loot chance base on item rarity
Master Chest - All equipment and cards, equal loot chance
Combination Tips:
Combining different items together can create a whole new item. If there is a recipe, you will see the product item. If there is nothing to be made, it will say "Unknown". Every recipe will have a success combination rate. To increase the rate of success, you can add a scroll of combination (+35%) or combine from the Combination Books (+50%).
New recipes will be added to Combination Books from time to time.
Remember to quit / leave game with the in game buttons to properly save your items.
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Please support indie developers! Cowbeans is independent indie developer.

What's new

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*Darklands is meant to be harder than Grasslands*
* Please complete Miffie's quest if you want to access furnace area *
- Brutus the survival expert has managed to excavate a hidden cave within Pixel Town
- tablet resolution
- survival awards added to singleplayer
- item pick up fix
- chat typing clear fix
- added friends list refresh button
- added ability to host public games
- added new quests
- added new helmets, range weapons and rings
- new combination recipes
- bug fixes

Detailed info

  • File Size: 53.25MB
  • Current Version: 1.78
  • Update Time: Oct 22, 2018
  • Developer: Cowbeans
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Android:8.0 iOS:7.6

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