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Ruler of Empires M

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Roem - Pixel Dungeon Raid Heores
This Adventure RPG you were looking for is here!
We invite HEROES to the universe of Roem, where you can reminisce about your childhood memories.

Game Introduction
This enormous Adventure RPG displays lateral scrolling
Proceed with the story and the DUNGEON in a thoroughly and realistically imagined world
Collaborate with friends to conquer the world of Roem Pixel Heroes World

■ Charming, and friendly graphic design
This Adventure RPG's unique graphic design catches the eyes of everyone!
Adorable but powerful characters and fascinating monsters
Roem Pixel Heroes World’s enchanting graphic design provide the ultimate gaming experience

■ Expresses the maximal sensation among all existing Adventure RPG games
“Fever” system to prevent boring moments of ordinary RPG
Over 50 skills to triumph over the enemy!
The diverse and mesmerizing skills provide the best sensations possible from 2D game.
Try using various skills in the DUNGEON and RAID!

■ Thoroughly and realistically imagined background and storyline
Save the village of Meter against Meterion with the will of Diasius.
Unexpected twists and turns appearing in the plot
Step away from mundane battles and ADVENTURE the world of Roem mobile by becoming a HERO!

■ Diverse contents that you can share with your friends
Diverse contents essential for strength enhancement, such as the DUNGEON, RAID, ARENA( PVP ), Tower of Limits, etc
Accelerate your growth by teaming up with AI friends and fighting in parties.
Cooperate with friends to defeat all the boss monsters in a raid!

■ Diverse COLLECT elements
COLLECT diverse pets and skins to add amusement to your adventure!
All monsters you encounter through the adventure can be captured
COLLECT fancy skins and equip them to stand out


[Minimum specifications]
- The device should be more advanced than Galaxy S5 or with memory over 2GB
※ Prepare at least 100MB of device memory for game data storage.
※ Please play on the latest devices for the program to operate well.

All news and updates about our game are posted on the website below.***-Inc-105387984270480/


[Access control]
Roem Pixel Heroes World requires permission for accessing the following while operating the game.

Mandatory access
Storage space: utilized to save game data, including video and screenshots taken while
playing the game

Optional access
Microphone: used when recording the game video
Contacts: used when notifying alarms from the game

[How to manage access settings]
- Settings > Apps > find and tap on Roem > Access > Permit access authorization
※ Not allowing access to some data or functions may result in inability to operate the game or change the game setting.
※ Please approve access by managing the settings again if authorization was dismissed accidentally during the installation

[Product information and User Terms & Conditions]
※ There may be additional charges in case of purchasing some items. Cancellation of subscription and payments follows the standards provided in the Terms and Conditions shown when purchasing the item
※ Can be played smoothly on tablet devices as well as smartphones.

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- Fixed : Few bugs

Detailed info

  • File Size: 134.10MB
  • Current Version: 2.5.3
  • Update Time: Aug 1, 2020
  • Developer: Abiss Co.
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  • Aqua Haruno

    To much bug

    - Bug when you reach level 150+ and you want invite npc to party but invite npc not tap char npc will hang..

    - Bug money and gacha skin when you get skin a or s skin will missing sometime..

    - Bug topup you have money but you cant buy anything..

    - Bug level up equip when equip level 30 and fail weapon level usually will down 1 level but this bug make down 10 level..

    - Bug skill in raid boss when used skill game will hang..

    - Bug invite party in raid boss game will hang

    - Bug skill point when you reach job 4

  • Vn Etcom

    có mình cách lưu trữ rồi đó

    • Thành Trung

      kiểu gì v

    • Vn Etcom

      bạn vào thư mục bộ nhớ trong>android>data copy thư mục của nó xong lưu lên đám mây là được

  • FinalHamu






  • 邪王の真眼


  • Ganel O'Conner

    Bagus banget

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