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"Rogue Agents" is out now!

  • English
  • Required
  • In-app purchases
  • Android 4.4 and above


Rogue Agent is a third person shooter with the good graphics, realistic physics and epic game-play mechanics.
Wall-Run, Roll, parkour! Traverse the world in any way to take out the enemy and become the best agent.

Welcome to the Open Beta!

- A lot of fun!
- 5 maps
- Friends
- Lobbies
- Messaging
- HUD customization
- Gyro Support
- Text chat
- Huge selection of Agents
- Lots of Weapon
- 3 game modes ("Free for All", "Team Deathmatch", "Capture Point")

* Next-Gen Mobile graphics

This is open beta, Let us know where we should improve!


follow us for updates:

What's new

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- Fixed connection issues
- Fixed radar being unmovable
- Fixed the game saying you lost when you won on free for all
- Weapons are more balanced so pick the one you like the most
- Removed double tap to change camera (no one uses it)
- NO MORE DOUBLE TAP TO FREE AIM, now the shooting is MORE responsive but you can no longer double tap, it will just shoot
- Performance is A-LOT better
- Gyro has been fixed!
- Fixed falling off the map and not dying

Detailed info

  • File Size : 50.21MB
  • Current Version : 0.7.0
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Midnight Games
  • Official Website: View detail
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Latest Version :6.1 Android:7.6 Past 7 days : 4.7
  • Bunny
    9.57 hrs on record

    This is a really good game and it has tons of potential too. I've been playing since early beta phases last year and it's come pretty far from then. But now after this update, there's a flickering screen that's unavoidable and I've basically tried everything I can to make the game work but to no avail.

    All in all. I d really like to play this game, I've even invested some money in skins. Really hope you are able to fix this really soon.

  • Andrea Hamilton
    31 mins on record

    its bugging it wont let me on the game love the looks of it tho

  • WhatTheFuck?
    1.40 hrs on record

    it's very good parkour game

  • 手机用户837108

    after this update the game failed to install so i downloaded it again but now i can't login in my account and when i go to make a new one it says no connection detected . i don't understand the problem.

  • Xiris

    Try to add battle royale and let us customize our own agent look. Cant log-in now, it says update but there's no update at all. Haven't gotten a good match yet, either there is no enemy or bug.

    • Royalflare

      hi, sorry for inconvenience

      please delete the game and reinstall it, the game app is updated

    • Xiris

      I have limited data for download. Why cant I just update it? :(

    • Awesome dude ga

      hi I've encountered a hacker in the game

    • Gundoge

      bruh why battle royale? we already have 2 or 3 netease games with parkour/BR


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