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刀光斧影 io 游戏

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⚔ is a mobile battle royale where you toss axes like your life depends on it to be the last player standing. Winner takes all!
- Play on and offline
- Battle against real players
- Super easy controls
- 2-minute battles
- 40+ weapon types
- 20+ unique heroes
- Different game modes
- Lots of maps with unique gameplay

You’ll love if you already love other io and battle royale games.

io online games are simple multiplayer games where you battle other players on and offline to try and survive as long as possible. It’s super fun!

Battle royale is a fun game mode where players fight to survive in a limited space and be the last man standing. Our battle royale games are especially fast and fun to play! Check it out!

io games offline are also available if you don’t have an internet connection.

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  • File Size : 66.45MB
  • Current Version : 2.3.9
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: 5 More Minutes
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Latest Version :6.7 Android:6.7
  • ~Brilett

    I'm so addicted to this game, it's so fun!

  • 粉墨散场
    57 mins on record


    遊戲玩法有點類似於弓箭手大作戰 但在內核上又有所不同

    玩家需要操控自己的角色扔斧子(或者刀 手裡劍什麼的)擊敗敵人以獲取經驗來為自己的角色增加技能

    斧子扔出去的時候是需要一段時間的 也就是需要預判別人的走位在出手 值得一提的是扔斧子必須在角色面朝的方向 有的人可能不太適應這種操作方式

    其實遊戲要素和可玩性還是太少太枯燥 用不了幾天遊戲道具就全部解鎖了 而離線和在線遊戲也沒讓人看出來有什麼區別 從我角度看來還是一大堆機器人

  • Royalflare
    2.10 hrs on record

    Looks like it has online feature which you can matching other players, however if you turn off all your network on mobile, you still can enter the game. So this is a single player game, and also an io-type game.

    It is very simple to get start with, what you play is to throwing projectiles and whirling forward to the direction you face, and survive through dodging the incoming projectile attacks. You can level up your character by killing enemies, when you level up you will able to choose one of the skills, these skills make this game really addictive. Such as changing your projectile size, distance or speed, increase your HP or amount of projectile throwing and directions, penetrating enemies or blocks, so could be very imba when you survive after few minutes, you can throw projectile nonstop in all directions.

    After each match finished you get gold which you can buy new weapons & character skins, different types of weapon have different passive skills. The game has normal mode and battle royale mode, no ads.

    Unfortunately, this game does not support online feature and battle royale only very few players as well as the map is too small, hope the dev makes great feature updates in the future

  • JOE




  • AyanoKoji-kunバツ

    I appreciate this game onlyhad it for like a week, but it is definitely alot of fun. sometimes you cannot get a single kill before you die, but other times you can bring error to the battlefield. I had couple ideas for unlockble skills: 1. deflection, It destroys oncoming weapon but also destroy yours. this can help keep you safer without being too OP. 2. life breath. resurrects you one time when you die, but whoever killed you still gets point. :D (Edit. Try it, for it is good way to pass the time. Also, this game seems to be updated regularly. They are generous with gifts; the ads are not long. the game is smooth and had a decent graphics for what is going on. New levels to reach with characters end weapon to unlock; has the capability to entertain for while). 😁




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