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★ Game Features ★
In the late night school, everywhere is full of terror,
Everyone is familiar with mentioning "school." But "White Day"'s background "Yandu High School" has crazy guards, ghosts of stories, and so on. Full of danger and horror.

If you want to live, just run away!
"White Day" has no "cruel story" There are also no items such as guns or weapons. The player is a normal student, to escape the dangers of the school at night.

No less than the casual story of the casual game! Multiple ending systems!
“White Day” focuses on the stories of the protagonists and female students who are locked in the “school” maze. Their experiences are delicate and interesting. As a mobile game, it has a great storyline than a casual game.

And depending on the storyline chosen by the player, there will be “multiple endings” and you can enjoy, a total of 7 endings.

★ Game inquiry and customers ★
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  • File Size : 1.57GB
  • Current Version : 3.1.6
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: SONNORI. Corp
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Latest Version :8.0 Android:8.3





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