Miracle Pororo
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Miracle Pororo




Pororo's the first Dark Action RPG, MR!P: Miracle Pororo

# No more complicated battles! Character growing system.
Pororo loves only playing around, but the journey to rescue his friends must continue!
Auto action – What a idle control! Just focus on upgrading your stats through training.
You can customize Pororo upon your taste.
Would you focus on attack or defense? What's your choice?

# Various equipment system
All kinds of equipment and sets available! Grow own Pororo miraculously.
Different abilities, looks, and set effects are available for each equipment.
When you complete the set, spirit buff is gifted to Pororo! Get cute little spirits to join your fight.

# Rescue friends caught in hostage!
Rescue Pororo’s encaptured friends to build up a powerful party.
As much as you rescue the friends, the party will get stronger.
Fun fact: the friends’ skill becomes more powerful as you upgrade!
Pororo will never be lonely again.

# Everyday I'm leveling! Awakening system!
Is your progress blocked by powerful monsters? That’s when you need to be awakened!
Obtain Soul Stones through Awakening, and upgrade your equipment using them.
You will find your Pororo even more miraculous than ever.

Now, let’s all forget about RPGs and Pororo of the past, and shall we start a brand new adventure with our hero, Miracle Pororo~~??

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★ Update* World boss raid mechanics★ Fix* Login reward text error

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  • File Size : 54.47MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.5
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: GRAVITY Co., Ltd.
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