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Shining Nikki is first generation of 3D masterpieces, with thousands of different materials in the highest technical standards, creating an infinite style of feast for the most beautiful costumes.

Thousands of exquisite costumes are designed to create a gorgeous stage for your fashion fantasy. The new trend is defined by you!

Store posters, magazine photos, theater propaganda... Choose poses and filters according to your mood, capture the warmth under the lens, and create a shining self.

Meet the designer behind the suit, understand his mental journey in designing the suit, and fight alongside him.

The world's top painters, drawing exquisite cities, towns, and countryside... make every step of your journey on the wonderland a new one.

Join the league, meet new friends, interact with friends and play the fun competition of the miracle continent.

Enter a warm life and become an important member! Learn more about warm daily life, share happy moments in each other's lives, and witness the warmth of change and growth.

[Ultimately true] Thousands of materials redefine the beauty of 3D
[With the heart] design your own fashion new wave
[Amazing Poss] Enjoy your fashion blockbuster
[Exclusive Adventure] Awaken the story behind the beautiful suit
[Seven National Records] Beautiful World Blooming New Journey
[Interesting Social] Participating in a Grand Alliance Party with friends
[In-depth interaction] Integrate into warm life and share happiness moments

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  • Current Version : 1.1.158863
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  • Developer: 叠纸游戏
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