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Captain! Welcome to the world of Metal Knight - a game about surviving in the world of ashes, about the good and bad in humanity. Produce different types of vehicles and equip them with advanced and powerful weapons, then utilize their special features to counter enemies and survive from the chaos.

Create or join an Alliance together with your friends, join forces to dominate the wasteland and enact your own rules. In this realm, you are going to define a new gameplay in mobile games - that is to build invincible cities and rule them in your own way.

1. Vehicles!
In Metal Knight, there are various punk vehicles. Get them fully equipped to be more competitive in seizing resources and territories in this world of ashes.
2. Heroes!
Massive legendary heroes are waiting for your command! Recruit more Hero companions and expand your army to conquer the wasteland.
3. Battleship!
Reinforce battleship to defend your Base – the last shelter and the most effective weapon.
4. Resources!
Water and food are the scarcest resources on this wasteland. To survive, you must make every effort to get as many of them as possible. How long would you last in these hunger games?
5. Alliance!
Unity is strength! Create or join an invincible Alliance together with those who share the same ideas and strategies with you in order to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield easily.

You, are the last survivors on this wasteland! Download Metal Knight now, battle with enemies to put an end to the chaos and take control of the realm in this epic strategy battlefield!

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Are you having problems? Send an email to to contact us, or contact our Customer Service staff via in game.

What's new

A brand new version, a whole new world is waiting for you to come~
1. Optimized the novice guidance experience process
2. Added a new activity system
3. Increased the guild science and technology, guild mine
4. Added VIP system and recharge system
5. increased the package system
6. increased mysterious merchant system
7. optimized the hero system interface
8. greatly optimized the game art effect

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