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Black Desert Mobile

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Greetings, Adventurers!

We’ve hit 2 million pre-registrations!
There’s always room for more new Adventurers,
so sign up and gear up now!

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“Black Desert Mobile” global has grand launched!
In-game Data: 2.87GB
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  • English
  • Require network
  • Android 5.0 and above


▶Black Desert Mobile◀
The critically-acclaimed game with users in over 150 countries all over the world!
Experience the amazing adventure in Black Desert on Mobile.

■ Fast-Paced Action
Play unique classes with dynamic skills.
An action experience that's the first of its kind on mobile!
Enjoy exhilarating combat that only Black Desert Mobile can deliver.

■ The Best Graphics on Mobile
Sophisticated, life-like graphics!
Get the same beautiful scenery and detailed characters from the original on mobile.

■ Exceptionally Elaborate Customization
Simple controls allow for free customization of every detail of your character!
Become your true self with customization options that push the boundaries of mobile gaming.

■ Vast Amount of Content to Create the World
Exceptional life content, including fishing and taming, along with your Camp to manage and expand.
Trustworthy pets and horses to keep you company on your adventures.
Enjoy this and other content outside of combat!

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Get all the facts about Black Desert Mobile on our official website.

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■ App Access
We require permission to provide the following services while you use the app.

[Required Permission]
Photos/Media/Files: Used to store files or data relevant to gameplay while the game is running and when recording/taking screenshots.

[Optional Permission]
Microphone: Used for in-game voice chat and when recording gameplay videos.

[How to Change Permissions]
▶ Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Apps > Select Permission Settings > Permissions > Set to allow or deny
▶ Below Android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to change settings, or delete the app

※ The app may not provide other options to change permissions itself but can always be done with the above method.
※ If the operating system is a version lower than Android 6.0, then you cannot change permission settings for individual apps. We recommend upgrading to 6.0 or higher.

[Please Note]
If you deny permission for required access, it could disrupt resources or make you unable to login to the game.

What's new

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- Gear Awakening
- More Floors Added to Tower of Trials
- Family Blessings
- Quality of Life Improvements
- New Events

Detailed info

  • File Size: 95.93MB
  • Current Version: 4.2.6
  • Update Time: Jun Thu, 2020
  • Developer: Pearlabyss
Total Ratings:


  • LucasVorxus
    played 61 hrs 31 mins

    Game chơi rất hay , đồ họa đẹp mắt , cực kỳ chân thật , gameplay chặt chém mà phê cả tay. Hệ thống nhiệm vụ cũng như bao game rpg khác , chẳng có gì khác biệt mấy.Nhưng Bản đồ siêu to khổng lồ , còn rất nhiều vùng mà bạn phải khám phá. Lớp tướng , nhân vật đa dạng , nhiều skill được tung ra rất hoành tráng nhờ có animation , bạn có thể thức tỉnh nhân vật ( Awakening ) hoặc trở thành Ancesion, nó sẽ cho nhân vật của bạn có thêm nhiều kỹ năng nó đa dạng hơn và tất nhiên là khỏe hơn rồi. Game có thể giúp bạn kiếm đồ khi bạn offline đó là Black Spirit Mode ( có 3 loại mode khác nhau : auto hunt : đánh quái ; auto collect : đi kiếm các loại resources ; auto fishing : câu cá ) bạn có thể chọn mode để kiếm những thứ mà bạn cần, chẳng hạn như là muốn farm quái lấy đồ , sách kĩ năng thì chọn cái auto hunt , và mode này chỉ có giới hạn farm auto trong vòng 3h sau khi các bạn bật lên thôi. Nếu muốn lên giới hạn thành 6h thì mua pass thôi ( hơn 100k vnđ ). Có cả tính năng xây dựng trại của riêng mình khi bạn hạ gục được boss Red Nose và cũng là boss đầu tiên khi bạn mới chơi game. Hơn nữa là các nhân vật nữ nhìn xinh vl , các bạn có thể chỉnh được khuôn mặt , kiểu dáng , tóc tai này nọ các thứ nói chung là nó đa dạng vl. Nếu mà các bạn cân nhắc định tải và chơi game này thì dung lượng của nó khá nặng khoảng hơn 4gb. Trong game thì nó cũng không lag giật mấy kể cả setting để mức cao ( high ) , nếu mà các bạn chỉnh đồ họa thấp nó khó nhìn lắm , hơi mờ. Mình mới chơi được khoảng hơn 1 tuần thôi mà mình đã thích thú với cái game này rồi. Hy vọng các bạn đọc được preview của mình mà thấy thích thì chơi thử game nha! Vui lắm! ❤❤

    • Hoàng Lê Minh

      cảm ơn vì bài đánh giá khá chi tiết :)

    • Hoàng Lê Minh

      nhờ ông mà tui đã hiểu rõ hơn :> và tui sẽ chọn nhân vật nữ (để ngắm đó mà :v)

    • DePiAka Creatio

      hồi lâu tui nghĩ nam 6 múi đầu chọc là ngầu

      ròi lên 59 mới cay cú cày lại với nv nữ :>>>

    • SlowRock

      Chơi có bạn bè đông thì chọn nam để làm soái ca, chơi 1 mình thì chọn nữ để tự sướng với em ấy.

    • Hoi Nguyen

      Bao giờ về vn chỉ

  • VulgarisUSA
    played 407 hrs 45 mins


    We just got a new update changing level cap to 60 and best of all, Mediah zone opened up. I believe the lowest CP zone I've seen is 2700, and goes up as high as 4300 CP. In keeping with the beautiful artwork and design, Mediah upholds the high standard, offering sensational graphics. I won't give away any spoilers because exploration and discovery is a large part of this game. There are also the following:

    ● New Knowledge Base: Very smart move on their part

    ● New Collection System, which is larger than the original

    ● Force Enhancement: instead of using Black Stones, this uses black crystals. After much searching, I believe I have found a source for them

    ●Relic System: Much like the Lightstones, the Relics upgrade and intensify the 4 magic branches. again, once I've done a few of these upgrades, I will report back.

    ● Shaka's Shop now has exchange tickets, which I believe allow the exchanging of relics.

    ●Wish Globes that drop from mobs in free world range. Another of their exchange events.

    ● A whole new collection of bosses for boss rush.

    I've only spent about an hour or so there, as I'm exhausted and still haven't slept yet. I intend to spend the day in Mediah exploring and taking notes. Here's the tough content I was ranting and raving about lol. it's very challenging and fun so far, but I.keep wishing it was a co-op dungeon environment instead of open world. I will post later today with more from Mediah. Stay tuned!

    ***UPDATE**** 14DEC19****

    my witch is now 53 with CP of 2455 and my ranger is 50 with a CP if 2338. my witch is fully equipped in gold gear and upgraded with everything at +20 or more. my accessories, earrings, belt, rings, neckpiece are still purple. total outlay in order to get me there? 0.00USD. Am I in the top 5 in the server? I'm not, but I'm still well above the average at my level. No.more senseless talk of what sink the game is. if you understand how to spec your character and the things you need to do in order to get them where you want to be, you can EASILY do it without paying one red cent.

    the Arena--They claim the arena has been better balanced and optimized, but its so hard to tell. as I've grown stronger and better geared, I'm having a much easier go of it. in the beginning, it really was awful because at CP 1000 we'd routinely be matched with 2500+, which is silly. I'd always get 1 or 2 shotted. but, you hang in to rack up your arena.points.

    World Boss--I.honestly don't really know what to say. you aren't allowed in until you're level 40, but there is no CP requirement. its said that the best drops go to the highest damage dealers, but with no DPS meter ANYWHERE in the game, (REALLY, DEVS?????) we have to take their word for it. last night I finally got 1 good drop, but bear in mind I've been playing since 24OCT the soft launch. ONE GOOD DROP in a 2 month period. ill leave you to draw your own conclusions.

    the ONE daily dungeon, Ancient Ruins. the highest difficulty level is 5, and you have up to 5 players battling it out with enormously tedious bosses, only to be disappointed again by the ridiculously stingy drops. but, it's a daily, so you do it for reasons other than the drops.

    PETS: The one really foolish purchase in the game. the pets are cool and look great, but they are 100% worthless. don't even bother. the biggest help your pet is supposed to be for you is to pick up the high volume of treasure chests dropped in the field while questing. hysterical when you're surrounded by mobs that are likely going to kill you, and you notice your dumb pet scampering in the rocks, light years away from where it should be. I have my witch pick.up her own drops generally after I've AoE frozen them in ice.


    • VulgarisUSA

      I've mentioned what I see as done of the downsides of the game. I'm currently questing in the highest and most dangerous area at Cron Castle. there is a Nightmare difficulty run here which is very intense, and very fun. I expect (I hope) that they undersrand that NOW is the time to start bringing in end game content. I thought we might see that in the patch that took us global. unless you call an Amazon "event" end game content, there isn't any. and then, for the first time, it really hit home. there is no dedicated healer class! what message is this sending?? we know it's usually impossible to do high end game dungeons without a good healer. the fact that as of this writing there isn't one doesn't encourage me much that we'll be seeing any end game content any time soon.

      you might think that I don't like the game because of what I've mentioned here. I do line it. it's really fun and there's a great deal to do. I'm definitely going to hang and see how they handle end game, and if they don't, maybe Dragon Raja will :)

    • User2587851

      my ranger CP 4,2K

    • 배근영

      pet is most important to this game. pet skill black soul increase max 8%(10lv skill) x3 = 24%

    • 배근영

      Best pet option (10lv)

      Battle Exp 8%

      Weight 300

      Black soul exp 8%

      korea standard

    • 배근영

      The game is good because it is still early. But in the second half, it shows the true peak of Pay-To-Win. It hasn't started yet. Korean users are overwhelmed by the pay-to-win style of the game. This game hit the back of every update

    played 36 hrs 26 mins

    i don't like how they deal with the graphics. I'm not talking about the textures. It's about the effects, especially the blurr effect. It does make my eyes tired quickly. I'm not sure but, i think i still more like the way Zloong handle King of Kings graphics.

    Talking about the gameplay, it's cool as far as i play these game for a couple days or so.

    • BigKak

      you can adjust the blurriness & shakiness in settings


      turn of the optimization screen...thats the solution....try that

  • Z'trong Side
    played 2 hrs 10 mins
    Folded due to too many controversies in review

    Game ระดับสเปค ฮาร์ทคอมฯ เอามาลงยัดไว้ในมือถือ ด้วยเทคโนโลยี ultra .unreal engine 4 graphic. ( ได้ อรรถรส )

    *** cpu iPhone A+ , Snapdragon 835 +

    *** Ram สัก 6-12 G. แล้วแต่ รุ่น ความ บาลานซ์ สมดุล

    *** แบตเตอรี่ ต้อง 4000 + ขึ้นไป เพราะเกมกินหมดไว ( ยิ่งสเปคปานกลาง เครื่องขับแบตออกมาก และระบบต่างๆ เกินพิกัด ทำให้เกมหน่วง และเฟรมเรทตก ร้อนมืออีก )

    *** หน้าจอ screen เพื่อ เอ็นจิ้นต่างๆ ไม่ขาดหาย , 6+ นิ้ว ถึงแทปแลล็ต. ( ซิปเซ็ท การ์ดจอ ) กำลังพอดี รีดเฟรมเรท ไหลลื่น มันสุดๆ

  • Kreis016
    played 7 hrs 15 mins

    tuyệt vời :D

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