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Grand Mountain Adventure is a beautiful open world skiing game. Consisting of five open resorts. Take the cablecars to the peaks, ski through the known pistes, and unknown offpistes, ski steep ravines, eerie forests, and picturesque villages. A vivid world of angry bears, friendly deers, snowboarders, skiers, hikers pist bullies, and lethal avalanches.

Inspired by the joy of skiing and a hunch of old alpine games we love.

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/Viktor, Sebastian and Alexander at Toppluva

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Added Italian localization thanks to Fulvio GBug fixes for Samsung devicesFixed Gold time in zick-zack the lift in DalarnaFixed bug where new top five trick where not stored under certain conditionsMinor bug fixes

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  • File Size : 213.99MB
  • Current Version : 1.018
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Toppluva AB
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Latest Version :9.6 Android:9.5
  • Zainab Harake

    Great game! Love the atmosphere and the open world aspect of the game! the gameplay feels very fluent, thanks to the way that the skier moves and the way of the maps are setup. also the simple controls make the game easier to play, and it has a lot more variety of terrain, obstacles and skills to lean than say alots. It's an open world feel with a lot to explore the playability and look is realistic =) instead of cartoonishh skiing game. with a good amount of challenges but still a lot of fun. the Devs put a lot of work and effort to this game and make it better to the players who love skiing games.^_^

  • Viktor Sehr

    Great game!

  • Royalflare
    4 mins on record

    Nice graphic and realistic scene like a real mountain ski. But this is only I can feel about this game, so if there are more angle of views, highlights and ways of showing how beautiful and exciting this ski game is would be perfect.

  • 가나다라마바사1

    게임 bgm이 정말 좋고 오픈월드에 체크 할 수 있는 요소도 많아서 정가 주고 하기엔 좋음

    조작법도 간단한데 지형 영향을 많이 받긴 한데 나름 재밌음

    단점으로는 카메라 시점이 엄청 불편함. 일직선으로 쭉 내려온다면 앞에 있는건 못 보고 피할 수 있음. 적응하면 괜찮아 지는데 그래도 불편한건 ㅋㅋ..

  • Hồ Điệp蝴蝶

    A skiing sports title is great for those who love the sport but it doesn't have time yet, this game is perfectly suited for you. Realistic simulation of the landscape as well as skiing, stunning graphics but I can not find the settings for 60fps. The Game sports a gentle but equally entertaining sport. The control is quite easy, the interface is very friendly, this is a great simulation sports game for everyone.


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