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Developer notes:

※If you cannot start FEXL-α App, Workaround is
When you start the app, the splash screen may display "XAPK File Validation Failed" and it can not be launched.
Please restart your device.
If still does not start,There is a possibility that can be avoided by the following settings:
Setting -> App -> FEXL-α -> Allow -> Storage "ON"
NOTE: Regarding these settings, the wording and hierarchy of setting items may differ depending on the OS version of Android.


You too can play the April Fool's Version of Fighting EX Layer!
It's been fine tuned so you can easily enjoy playing on your smartphone!
Repeatedly press buttons to perform powerful Combos!
Perform them from a jump to pull off Aerial Combos!
You can also run around freely!
Please look forward to this game on April Fool's!!

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That "EX" series finally becomes mobile!?

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Latest Version :7.6 Android:7.6
  • Hero

    when is the full version plz for that great best fighting game

  • JasonL

    게임 느낌이 굉장히 철권과 비슷하고 모바일 철권이라고 해도 과언이 아님 모 게임 회사의 킹오파와도 괭장히 잘어울린다고 생각하는 게임 어느정도 게임이 렉없이 부드럽게만 진행된다면 이게임보다 좋은게임은 없을것임

    • JUN

      해당 게임 스팀 버전도 해봤는데, 모바일 버전 최적화가 정말 잘되어 있어서 놀랐습니다. ㅎㅎㅎ

  • Antonius Indra

    hmm is demo/april fools version.but fighting element is good.This game have a great a potential if finally coming

  • Royalflare
    0.10 hrs on record

    Since it was good ftg game, i would say it has a nice graphic quality and satisfied optimization on mobile device whic not eating too much spec on hardware.

    But while I running this game i start to choose character directly without any tutorial, then I find only four characters can be chosen so the game system is not really kind to new player.

    But i love the way it requires player to slide the screen with finger to make actions and combo even EX actions.

  • Hafizul Qodim

    In Game, The Grafik is look bad, and when i play game is feel game in slow-motion



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