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Ride Out Heroes' first beta test is coming! The multi-class battle royale game - the first of its kind - will bring you a new battle royale experience with its 3D fantasy RPG elements! Discover a brand new magical 3D world. Innovative elements, such as heroes of different classes and skill sets, allow you to choose the strategy that suits you best. And ingenious gameplay mechanics, including forging, hide-and-seek, mounts, and revival after KO, will make this a battle royale experience like you've never seen one before!

Five heroes will be available on first launch. Choose their skills freely from stealth, dash, control, and damage to tailor them to your preferred play style! An exciting new magical world, inhabited by many different races and plants, lies at your fingertips. A great variety of weapons and a complete forging system are available to help you unleash your power. Summon dinosaurs as your mounts and ride them to victory! Being KO'd is not the end. You'll be turned into a dinosaur to be revived if you can last a little longer! Hunt your foes in a deadly game of hide-and-seek. And beware - your enemy could be disguised as a rock or a tree! Experience the fun and excitement of this magical battle royale! Enable voice chat and fight for victory together!

What's new

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1. New Content
*A polar behemoth walks across the ice: the first Tandem Mount Chest - The Giant Elephant Collection is now available.
*Daily Quests: Added Daily Quest Sweep Tickets, which complete all Daily Quests for the current day when used. Claimable by opening Sunday's Surprise Gift Boxes during Monday Surprises event.

2. Gameplay Improvements
*Hero Balance
*Hero Talent: Updated the Ultimate Talent effects of most heroes.

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  • File Size : 877.26MB
  • Current Version : 1.400001.339125
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: NetEase Games
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