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"Forza Street" is officially released.

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Race through the ultimate street racing scene at dizzying speed! Have fun winning the racing car collection of your dreams. Pick an event, choose a lineup of cars from your collection, and start racing for infamy in the first Forza game for mobile.

Race to collect legendary cars at intense speed – from classic muscle to modern sports and retro supercars – turning your garage into a trophy case of iconic racing cars, with all the fun, attention to graphics detail, and speed Forza is known for.

Streamlined controls focus on the fun - timing your gas, brake, and boost are the keys to victory, as action cams chase the racing adrenaline up close showcasing amazing graphics. It’s a fun, new, and wholly unique way to enjoy Forza.

Race your collection of cars anytime, anywhere. Squeeze in a fun, quick one minute race, or dive into immersive story driven events with multiple paths to victory in the cars you love. Forza Street has something fun for you any time you feel like racing at high speed.

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Here are the latest changes:
Founders Pack
Play Forza Street in the first 30 days from May 5th 2020 to receive the 2017 Ford GT for your car collection!
Rivals Mode Improvements
When challenging your fellow drivers in Rivals mode you now have greater choice over your opponent and in which car to compete.
The latest update also includes a range of bug fixes, tweaks and game balance improvements throughout Forza Street."

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  • 回拾童心
    played 1 hrs 31 mins




  • Marnis Van Eede

    Expected alot more from this. I have played the console games before and loved almost every bit about the game. But THIS IS A TRAGEDY!!!!!! This is a game for monkeys that want to press coloured buttons!! Not for us the actual gamers testing it and thinking "oh hell yeah forza for mobile!! why didnt I hear anything about it?" and then the ass clenching part happens that is so damn bad the clenching will turn coal into ***ing diamonds!!! And you realise "oh thats why i didnt hear anything about it" then exit uninstall. Microsoft you can and have to do better than this ***. its really a piece of *** so either revamp the ENTIRE game, scrap it and start all over or leave it to go on till release date and let it join never been played section

  • lareman RND
    53 mins played

    класс игра просто шедевр

    НЕТ ЭТО КАЛЛ но в колекции оставлю

  • Fabio Rafael

    Eu nem consigo jogar esta a pedir para fazer uma atualização mas não tem nada para fazer palhaçada kkkk pelos comentários já vi que isto é uma farsa

  • How

    -How Review-

    Graphic : 3/5

    Control : 3/5

    Gameplay : 1/5

    Paytowin : Yes

    Iklan : Yes

    My review : Game yang hype dimasa pre register tapi tidak sesuai ekspetasi. Kenapa ? Saya akan bahas dari segi grafik dulu. Untuk grafik memang tidak ada problem tapi seharusnya grafik ini bisa lebih bagus atau setara dengan asphalt 9. Saya tidak bisa menemuka setting grafik pada game ini, jika kalian menemukan bisa komen dibawah nanti saya akan coba. Lalu untuk control, beberapa control ada yang tidak responsive. Contohnya seperti saat claim hadiah dishop kalau tidak salah, saya butuh tap sekali atau 3 kali untuk bisa ngeklaim hadiah. Lalu untuk gameplay, saya kira awalnya bisa seperti atau sekelas gameplaynya dengan asphalt 9. Namun saat saya play, saya tidak tertarik dengan gamenya. Game ini tidak seperti game balapan pada umumnya. Tapi seperti drag racing yang membuat pemain harus tahu kapan melepas pedal gas dan menekan pedal gas. Ya kesimpulannya adalah Tidak sesuai ekspetasi saja.

    Score over all : 2.3/5

    • Fraz

      Menurutku ini wajar-wajar saja karena baru beberapa minggu sejak rilis. Jadi tinggal menunggu waktu sampai developer mengimprove hal itu menjadi lebih baik. Sejalannya waktu saja..

    • Goedoe Ayahnya

      minimal specs?

    • How

      kayaknya snapdragon 600an keatas

    • Goedoe Ayahnya

      tadi saya liat di youtube gameplaynya kayak drag race gitu.. saya kira kayak real racing dan asphalt gitu.. gak jadi instal dah..

    • How

      Yah bener. itu kenapa alasan saya bilang gameplaynya agak aneh gitu.

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