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Champion of the Fields

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Champion of the Field is a real-time mobile soccer game. The game applies precise 4+1 key control to replicate console gameplay and fun, featuring cross-platform compatibility with PC, iOS and Android. Realistic fields, unique characters, exciting real-time competition, smooth control will create all-new mobile soccer experience.
Champion of the Field is officially licensed by FIF Pro. You can train thousands of real players and build your legendary team, win champions, relish in the passion and glory of true competition!

Fair Competition: Conquer the Field with Skills
The game closely simulates the charm of soccer game by combining joystick and keys in precise 4+1 key control. Skillful control and teamwork will determine match outcomes. Everyone can show themselves in this game, whether a superstar or a rookie.

Real-Time Clash: Free, Smooth Gameplay
High-speed connection for smooth PVP matches. Whether it's shot on goal, through pass, short passing on offense or sliding tackle, marking, switching defenders on defense, as well as skilled moves like long passing, lob shooting, full volley, give-and-go, Marseille turn, etc., you can do with precision via joystick and keys.

Recruit Players: Build Your Own Team
You can train any player in the game to world-class level, or recruit star players to your club! Manage your favorite stars and team to be the best in the world!

Licensed by FIFPro: Thousands of Real Star Players
Officially licensed from FIF Pro and features thousands of real pro players from 63 countries, depicted in American comic style to create a real and unique competitive sports atmosphere. Form your own legendary lineup and take the field with today's top stars!

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  • File Size : 565.23MB
  • Current Version : 0.93.2
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: NetEase Games
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Latest Version :7.5 Android:7.6
  • Abul Gamer King

    What country do I need to set my vpn to play this

  • Augusto Coria
    145.70 hrs on record

    one of the best soccer games

  • Ek Villon Shaan

    is it online plz can anybody tell me😁😁

  • Royalflare
    31 mins on record

    A great game from NetEase. It is simpler than PES, the squad can be completed with one click. However, like FIFA, soccer players are divided into black gold, gold, silver and copper rarity. The higher the rarity, the higher the soccer player's ability.

    The performance of the game on the field is remarkable, the control is not complicated, there are pass, sprint, defense, shooting and long pass / tackle. Even players who are not familiar with soccer play can easily get started. At the same time, the cheering action after the player scored a goal on the field is also very interesting, and the players with high rarity have more special postures. Although you may not see the most familiar soccer teams, such most popular players as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Philippe Coutinho, Miguel Almirón, etc are all in the game (although you need to gacha and not showing the chance in percent)


    賽場上的遊戲表現可圈可點,操作不複雜總共有大小傳球,加速,防禦,射球和長傳/滑鏟。就算對足球玩法不熟悉的玩家也能輕鬆上手。同時賽場上當球員進球后的歡呼動作也十分有趣,並且稀有度高的球員還有更多特殊姿勢。儘管你可能看不到最熟悉的球隊,但諸如Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Philippe Coutinho, Miguel Almirón等這些超人氣球員都在遊戲中喔(雖然需要抽到,並且沒有給出抽卡概率)

  • Hyung_Joon
    4.92 hrs on record

    컨트롤면이 매우맘에 안들지만 옛날에 피모12 할때가 떠오르기도 했습니다.

    컨텐츠도 다양하고 과금우도가 매우 적으며 나름 심심할때 하기 괜찬은 게임인것같네요

    오히려 컨트롤만 빼고보면 pes2019보다 훨씬 월등해보입니다

    빨리 한글이나 영어 지원도 해주면 좋을것같네요

    • JUN

      의외로 피파, 위닝 올드팬들이 좋은 평가를 남겨주셔서 상당히 재미있게 리뷰를 보고있습니다. 일부 콘텐츠는 확실히 한국어가 추가되면 좋을것 같다고 저도 생각이 되던데 여윽시!!!




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