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Licensed by Kadokawa, Date A Live is a side-scrolling RPG based on the classic harem anime of the same title. It is only available in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.


• Galgame x RPG: fight wars but also date your favourite Spirit!
• Power Spirit for breeding, equip them with over 100 skills!
• Splendid illustration & voiced characters!

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  • File Size: 3.10GB
  • Current Version: 2.97
  • Update Time: Jul 4, 2020
  • Developer: 紅心網路
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Latest Version :8.2 Android:8.0
  • 甘心玉釀醉心茶

    約會大作戰手遊《約戰:精靈再臨》是一款角川正版授權,原版聲優傾情獻聲的橫版動作手遊,富含 Galgame的文字戀愛冒險元素以及各類模擬養成和社交休閒玩法。


    沒辦法吐槽一下插圖挺好看,休閒養成很不錯,硬核戰鬥方面還需要改進,總體來說感覺不是很完美,恩,今天還有日常服務器 emm。


  • User4018416

    I would give 5 stars for how great the game is and since I'm a date a live fan but thers's only one problem it's not in English so I can't understand it 😔. eventually I hope they add english in so then people can enjoy it more and get into the role play... like I said before I hope english version happens.

  • Zhem Santos
    20 mins played

    great game but I can't really understand it because it is in Chinese. Please help if you know hot wo change it to English 😢.

  • Fajar Muhammad
    played 11 hrs 38 mins

    the game is force close every i clear 1 stage

  • Negadao O.G.G.
    played 5 hrs 19 mins

    o jogo é bom e conta toda história de date a live, e tem uma jogabilidade muito boa, é um jogo bem divertido, pra mim só falta uma tradução em português.

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