Special Warfare (Test)

Special Warfare (Test)


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Developer notes:

This is a personally produced FPS online shooting indie game that includes online battles, zombie mode and single-player exercises. The studio members are currently 2 people, all developed in their spare time. They have been doing since mid-17, and have already done 2 Years, I hope everyone likes it. The current version is a beta version. It is completely free and has no in-app purchase. It has been added to the leaderboard to view the player's current kill ranking.
The Steam version has also been tested before, and you can find it by logging in to Steam Search for the "Special Warfare"

特战之王玩家群:   272885296

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The game background has been set in the rapid advancement of modern biotechnology. Politics and military are controlled by some bio-valves. In order to compete for the conflicts in various regions, biochemical virus leaks cause a large area of ​​infection, darkness falls, and the homes in memory are mutated. The zombie invasion, the world is in a bloody killing, the mysterious organization formed a special warfare unit to fight for the future of mankind.

[game features]

- Fast-paced online game, you can choose to enter the server in different regions of the world, single-player join zombie mode.

- 3 multiplayer battle modes, including team deathmatch, melee, pistol competition. You can also create private room and make your own rules online with your friends.

- 7 maps, subway stations, parking lots, cities, towns, bases, warehouses, tropical islands and other different styles, try to win with different tactics.

- 40 types of weapons, including assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, heavy machine guns, flame launchers, chainsaws, RPG rocket launchers, pistols, melee weapons, grenades, smoke bombs, Molotov, flash bombs.

- Weapons can be customized with beautiful camo skin.

- Perfect graphic effect, real physical trajectory, excellent shooting feel.

- Single player and computer AI challenge exercises.

What's new

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Friendly Tip: The low-end machine tries to choose low-quality game in the setting interface.
1. Optimize game performance and optimize some weapon material balls
2. Fix small map arrow bug
3. Add left fire button
4. Fix killing yourself to show bugs
5. Repair the initial weapon FAL machine aiming shooting stability, solve the problem of this weapon shaking
6. Fix the bug that the battle end pause button can't be pressed.
7. Weapon interface modification
8. Newly registered players send an Aka 47 weapon

Detailed info

  • File Size : 412.52MB
  • Current Version : 1.0.21
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: 战火工作室
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  • Jericho Berk

    this game is really good But It can be Laggy on 1GB ram devices! SO devs plz fix, what I mean by fix is to "MAKE" the game set the graphics to LOW automatically so When 1GB ram devices run the game It'll atleat be a little smoother and hope to not crash! I think this game has a lot of potential

    and I think this can Improve much further! 3/5 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Jb freza

    so,. I havent tried the game yet (waiting for further updates) but when i saw the supported languages i got interested and based on the video and the screenshots i hope that this game has controller support and hud customizations but overall i guess this game will be successful when it gets released officially just dont forget to optimize the graphics for low end and mid range devices

  • Official


    这个版本游戏打包换了正式签名了 以前的老包签名不一致需要删了重新装 玩家数据都是在的不影响

  • Official


    1修复离线模式卡主问题 2升级安卓sdk,优化安装包性能 3修复每日登录奖励24小时后有时不显示问题 4修复停车场有概率复活到房顶的问题 5修复死亡后战斗结算会显示无敌时间 6多人游戏战斗结算获得经验值增加 7优化游戏性能消耗 8修改军工厂部分箱子无碰撞问题 9修改军备竞赛模式UI显示问题 10视频激励广告加入限制每天观看次数和CD时间,防止玩家狂点广告被广告商那边判断为恶意刷广告 11多人游戏结

  • Official


    1加入新模式 军备竞赛 2加入新模式 刀战模式 3近战武器伤害判定优化 4加入每日奖励 5阿卡47换新的高精度模型 6加入狙开镜的灵敏度设置 7m107伤害增加 8火焰发射器伤害削弱 9部分武器后坐力调整,修改机瞄的后坐力 10加入无敌进度显示 11灵敏度设置最大范围调大了一些 12优化游戏性能和操作 13军工厂部分箱子无碰撞修复 14霰弹枪机瞄后坐力调整 15部分近战武器伤害调整 16修改一些游

  • Official

    特战之王7月16日开始 steam PC版降价持续一周,降价67%

    特战之王7月16日开始 steam PC版降价持续一周,降价67%,PC版更高清材质和画质,高级武器大部分已经解锁,和手机版数据互通可以一起对战,感兴趣的朋友可以在steam商店搜索“特战之王” 可以找到,链接:https://store.steampowered.com/app/919200/Special_Warfare/ ;

  • Official


    1加入离线模式 2增加新武器SVD 3MSR狙击步枪改成栓狙 4玩家奔跑速度减慢,跳跃高度降低 5僵尸模式和单人游戏加入难度选择 6大部分武器后坐力调整,修改机瞄的后坐力 7排行榜玩家调整为显示前50名玩家 8修复霰弹枪换弹机制,换弹中可以开火 9修改小地图显示bug 10修改多人游戏部分bug 11优化部分武器特效皮肤显示的问题 12优化游戏性能和操作 13优化服务器性能 14添加武器皮肤中文显



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