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Pigeon Games is initiated from a video on, and consists of many rhythm game fanatics that devoted time and efforts to Phigros without getting paid. We sincerely hope that the innovative game mode, along with well-crafted illustrations as well as charts, can satisfy your fingers and let you feel the charm of rhythm games!

Game Description

Innovative Gameplay

4 types of notes that fall literally everywhere, spiced with dynamic judgement lines, this game promises a rhythm game experience unlike ever before.

Handpicked Songs

26 high-quality soundtracks from all genres by well-known producers, offering a grand feast of music.

Curated Illustrations

Designed by our own Art Team, the one-of-a-kind illustrations are here to fit the songs as well as gameplay.

Companies Collaborated

Pigeon Games' cooperation with SOUL NOTES RECORDS allow us to include a set of five top-notch Chinese EDMs in our game - named [Soul Notes Collection] - awaiting your fingertips!

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1、修复了iPhone 6、iPhone 6 Plus、iPhone 5 C、iPad mini2等设备的闪退问题。
2、延时调整的范围从0ms~500ms变为-400ms ~ 600ms。

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Latest Version :9.2 Android:9.3 Past 7 days : 9.1
  • Tucan 444
    3.53 hrs on record

    I will wait for full release now it has some bad features but still solid rythm game and really enjoyable

  • Riku Kiyutaka
    19 mins on record

    Damnn that's a nice game! different from other games with the same genre and quite challenging and fun at the same time!

  • Sp3eDaH
    47 mins on record

    Well-made game that seems quite flexible for chart making, hope they update this every few months or so to keep it fresh with new songs, features & more

  • Colin Nathaniel

    nice concept and gameplay and it's quite different from other mobile rhythm games. but it would be nicer if you put the option to change your speed then the game would be better.

    • rN

      According to the developers on Discord, adding a speed change function will break the note speeds in game, so they are not planning on adding that to the game.

    • Lars Cullen


  • Zane

    So far so good. Sometimes it can even make you cry haha the judgement line was so sneaky, but if you have fast fingers you'll caught it. I have this app in 3 days now, and I can say that I'm enjoying it. Thumbs up!

  • General

    Phigros Setting

    this is my best offset setting 🌹🌹

  • Official General

    Phigros 開發者Q&A #3

    哈~嘍~~ 各位小伙伴們!好久不見(emmm,有半個多月了吧~) 非常感謝大家這半個月以來的支持! ! Phigros首日取得了了TapTap熱遊榜第二名的好成績!連續多日霸占日本Appstore免費遊戲排行榜Top10!甚至還取得了國區Appstore的推薦哦!這些都是有大家的支持才會取得的成績!非常感謝各位!在這段時間呢,我們也收到了很多的反饋、建議和鼓勵! (從一星到五星我們都有好好看哦)然後呢

  • Official General


    如果您的設備在運行Phigros時有如下幾種問題: 1、除了打擊音效之外完全沒有聲音。 2、有聲音,但是全部都是嘈雜的電流音。 3、有聲音,歌曲播放正常,但偶爾會突然卡頓一下。 4、其他我們還沒有註意到的可能與這個貼有關的問題。歡迎大家在這個貼下留言反饋。反饋格式:問題+帶有設備型號的截圖,如: 有聲音,歌曲播放正常,但偶爾會突然卡頓一下。在1.0.1版本中,您可以在啟動頁面的最下方看到淺淺的設

  • General

    I can't install it on my Samsung M20

    For somehow i can't install this on my device, please help

  • Feedback

    Developer Contact

    Can someone say me How can i contact with The Dev?


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