Retract: Battle Royale

Retract: Battle Royale

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  • Android 7.0 and above


Retract is a brand new multiplayer, Battle Royale game, with unique mechanics for more competitive driven gameplay!

UPDATES : We will be releasing frequent updates which will include, new features, new maps, new weapons, new clothing, overall improvements, and so much more. Stick with us and keep up to date with our social media for all the latest news about Retract.
We take all suggestions from our players into account, so feel free to give us feedback on anything!


- High quality realistic graphics on mobile.

- Smooth multiplayer experience, squad up with friends!

- Fast matches with ACTION packed gameplay!

- Skill based gun mechanics, NO auto shoot, etc.!

- NOT PAY TO WIN, all players are equal!

- Barricades! If you get stuck in an open area,you can deploy cover and save yourself and teammates.

- Realistic weapons, scopes, and attachments.

- Customization your characters and clothing.

- Practice at the shooting range while waiting for a match.

- Much more to come!!

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Latest Version :6.1 Android:7.0
  • gabe000

    The game is promising but the controls make the game experience almost unplayable. I feel the the texture on this game is a bit overwhelming (too much), movement and animation are bad, this game needs a lot of work. The only reason I comment its because I'll like to check on it when those things are fix, I think it has potential with the proper changes.

  • User4021322

    What's the obb name for the file?

  • Byakuya Kuchiki
    31 mins on record

    Retract The most realistic PUBG style .

    🛠️Work in Progress 🛠️

    ➖ Gameplay : We know out there , the hunters , the silent assassins , or the kill streakers into a world where you have to survive it is the only option, most of us are used to make it in teams by 4 , or alone. This games it is a type of PUBG, I mean survival of the strongest, not the same as map style it is quite small , this is the first type when I see a title from this branch to have the small map ever .

    ➖ Graphics: As a matter of the quality provided in this game, sometimes you can say it is beyond natural , and to see the truly aspect of this beautiful, title go a round into the training session....and use it on max, I was heaving the impression I am on the console or pc .

    ➖Controls : Well not so kinda good honestly....kinda lack of them but it is a work in progress.

    • David Souza

      meu celular é o s10 da Samsung. não consigo fazer login no jogo.. ou seja fazer uma conta no jogo.

    • TUTUer

      yes, reality! The texture is so realistic, the light and shadow are also. 🌧🌞

    • Byakuya Kuchiki

      TUTUer 😍

    • David Souza

      me ajuda! não consigo jogar nem fazer login no jogo. o que está acontecendo?? eu quero muito jogar esse jogo

    • David Souza


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  • Bongga Oges

    can you fix the log-in and the register it's little bit buggy

  • scorpion

    I'm not able to register

    any other way to register??



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