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Dawn of Isles Discord Channel:   https://discord.gg/yb7D8s6

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  • No VPN Required
  • Android 4.2 and above


Welcome, Islanders!
A great journey awaits!

Featuring a vibrant new world that offers a unique gaming experience, Dawn of Isles is a multiplayer roleplaying game developed by NetEase Games. Craft the tools you need with your own two hands, use powerful elemental combos in combat, and match wits against your rivals and foes!

· Build an Uncharted Island!
- Use your Axe and Pickaxe to gather resources and begin construction from the ground up.
- Develop workshops, pits, and piers to produce, process, and sell products.
- Plant and harvest crops, or "borrow" some from your neighbors...

· Create Amazing Items!
- Infuse flasks with Elemental Spirits and unleash the primal power of nature.
- Produce quality fishing rods try to reel in cunning fish.
- Prepare delicious feasts that will tingle the taste buds.

· Tame Incredible Pets!
- Roam beautiful and diverse lands with your exotic pets.
- Learn the way of the Hunter's Guild and dance with pets in the Flower Circle.
- Nourish and care for your animal companions, and let loose their potential with Pet Skills.

· Challenge Devious Foes!
- Choose from an array of weapons and skills for a variety of combat styles.
- Observe how the environment interacts with the elements and take full advantage to gain an edge in battle.
- Discern the weakness of fierce monsters, deal a fatal blow, and claim huge rewards.

Detailed info

  • File Size : 1.32GB
  • Current Version : 1.0.9
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: NetEase Games
Total Ratings:


Latest Version :7.7 Android:8.4
  • James Gnotj
    185.20 hrs on record

    newest update prevents a lot of people from playing, encountering "unable to connect" message, someone should get fired, black desert mobile is out, might wanna fix this problem before everyone start playing that new game and stick with it, infact im downloading it right now

  • DarkWillow
    5.70 hrs on record

    can anyone tell me why it wouldn't let me log in.... is anyone else having this problem? I only gave it one start cause I can't log in

  • Aisyah Bin Smit

    Can People tell me why it cant log in? i aleadry play the game many times and have Delete it Twice, but its fine when i download it again but why this one and this time i cant even log in and the notification say Unable to the internet? im using wifi and its fine whenever i playing Medsos and Others game

  • User1887544

    good to know mobile game can be this good 😊

  • Rifki Gifari

    what is the total size of the game ?




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