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  • Muhamad Arsyah
    Expected value

    it's at the end of the year, and maybe released in a few days 😉

    • Muhamad Arsyah

      well, I don't know why asobimo can't reales this game in 2019

  • User1624021
    Expected value

    I need this game asap

  • elfmelody(來自大陸版精選)
    Expected value


    遊戲的內容非常飽滿,龐大的地圖、世界觀,眾多的陣營、聲望、主城,豐富的任務、副本、生產專業技能,PVP榮譽系統、戰場,日夜時間系統、天氣系統等等。以上這些都是明顯的優點,但同時也導致遊戲玩起來過於復雜,肝度爆表,設計師怕不是想把玩家24小時拴在遊戲裡。 。 。



  • Zyfer
    Expected value


  • Miao(來自大陸版精選)
    Expected value




  • User1938397
    Expected value


  • User1590780
    Expected value

    i was heard this game is like FF series, i hope this is not a other Copycat game.

    • Eleryl

      well the art designer is yo***aka amano which is also work on ff series such as ff IX, and XII

  • Bayu Iswoto
    Expected value

    so what's took you so long for released this game?

    i am really hyped and can't wait for this game to be official, and hope you will make eternal to be released as fast as posible 😂

    i am looking forward to it ! thankyou very much..

  • 虞子泷(來自大陸版精選)
    Expected value


  • 夜空中最黑的小黑(來自大陸版精選)
    Expected value



  • 一只呵呵(來自大陸版精選)
    Expected value


  • Valentine
    Expected value

    This is a preliminary review.

    The final rating may change.

    It appears even Asobimo got tired of Asobimo's generic style of games. Let's face it. The few times they were forced to do something different were a disaster. Bandai Namco hired them to make God Eater Online and Integral Factor (Sword Art Online). God Eater Online looks nothing like the countless different versions of Avabel and only survived about 6 months. Integral Factor is a little more like their usual style, but was so buggy that it took almost 6 months to function. It is still most often a short detour before returning to Memory Defrag for fans of the series.

    It will be interesting to see how long this game spends trying to stabilize, despite how many betas are performed. Past experience has proven that beta feedback is often discarded unless the bugs were already identified and enough users reported one to prevent simply overlooking it.

    I am hoping for the best, though. It is about time Asobimo realizes that nobody wants another dark ages in space game that starts off claiming to be different than the last one unless it is true.

  • keirtg
    Expected value

    Pag isahin po... Avabel & izanagi & Alchemia Story sa Project Eternal

  • 暴躁的非洲玩家(來自大陸版精選)
    Expected value


  • 赵斌斌(來自大陸版精選)
    Expected value




  • Xiang Yao Chen(來自大陸版精選)
    Expected value

    希望好像avabel以前那樣 有自由交易

  • User1590618
    Expected value

    its good but jpn language only?

  • Ailtøn Rødrigue
    Expected value

    I'm very excited for this game! I can't wait to play it =D

    Everyday I look for news of this game lol

    I have very good eyes for games, and I know for sure when I see one, and.. ETERNAL is definitely the game we're all waiting for..

    Beautiful big open world, Awesome Mounts, Nice grafics,

    Very interesting Lighting and shadow in the Dungeon.

    And also very important.. "No auto-combat" Thank God haha

    Please! don't take too much long.. xD

    All the best for the "ETERNAL" team

  • 手机用户248414
    Expected value


  • User2359870
    Expected value

    I'm really hoping that this one will be a great MMORPG as well.


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