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Developer Notes:

【Operating environment】
Android 4.4 or higher
※ Even if it meets the above, it may not operate normally due to the performance of the terminal or communication environment etc.

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  • Japanese
  • Require network
  • No proxy need from China
  • Play store support not required


May 29 release!
Legend of MMORPG "Lineage M" finally appeared!

[Lineage M introduction]
・ Majestic adventure set in the fantasy world "Aden continent"
・ One and only world view that unique occupation and blood covenant interweave
・ Collaborating with fellow clan members and capturing bosses
・ To defeat the mighty enemy and fight to involve the world

■ Game system
The story begins with choosing your occupation (class) from "lord", "knight", "magician", "elf" and "dark elf".
Seek out friends in a world where thousands and thousands cross each other, defeat dreadful enemies, advance dungeons, and go on an adventure journey.

■ Clan
The way to play is greatly expanded by joining the clan which is an indispensable community in "Lineage M".
Help your friends and share the fun with them.
In addition, in the clan raid you can challenge the mighty boss monster.

■ Conflict
GvG will not only fight in person-to-person battles such as PvP and PK, but will develop strategies with a large number of people.

■ Economic system
Items obtained can be sold at stores in the game and can be traded with other players through the exchange.
This creates a balance between supply and demand and creates a market.
Items owned by you become assets, and you can enjoy economic sense like real world.

■ Cast
Kei Abe / Shizuka Ito / Yo***ada Otsuka / Takuya Sato / Kento Tsuji / Kei Fujita / Tsubasa Einaga et al.

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Service release on May 29

Detailed info

  • File Size: 94.31MB
  • Current Version: 1.1.5
  • Update Time: May Sun, 2020
  • Developer: NC Japan K.K.
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