Critical Ops: Reloaded
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Critical Ops: Reloaded

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"Critical Ops: Reloaded" is now available on iOS & Android.

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Welcome to the exciting new battlefield! Exclusively designed for the mobile platform, Critical Ops: Reloaded is the new standard for free-to-play multiplayer shooter games. Enjoy intense modern military warfare anytime, anywhere with your friends. Compete with players from around the world. Strike down the enemies with strategic decisions, survive deadly counter-attacks, and adapt to the unknown battleground. Crush your foes in Deathmatch, Gun Game, Defuse Mission, and Dominion. Reach the top of the Ranked Mode ladder. Prove that you have what it takes to be the best.

Customize your controls, equipment, and Loadout to prepare for the war. Use your favorite gears, ranging from sniper rifles to shotguns. Equip new special weapon skins. Talk to your friends and squadmates through voice and text chat. Command the battlefield as an NSF agent who protects innocent civilians and preserves the order. Or become a PMC soldier, a forerunner of global opposition force who aims to dismantle the establishment.

▶▶Pre-register now to receive exclusive Tier-6 weapon skin, weapon skin cases, and many other benefits.

The outcome of each battle is not determined by luck. The keys to survival are your skills, tactics, and teamwork. There are no paid upgrades or cheats to get easy wins. Only the most skillful and hardened FPS veterans will reach the top of the competitive ranked ladder. Progress through the competitive ladder to become the champion of your region.

Based on a game which captivated millions of mobile audience, Critical Ops: Reloaded takes another step to innovate the modern combat shooter genre. The revamped user interface, in-game voice chat, and brand new multiplayer maps will change how the game is played. Find new sniper's nests, run and gun through tight corridors, and deliver headshots to the unsuspecting enemies.

Show off your personality with unique cosmetic skins. The cosmetic enhancements in Critical Ops: Reloaded does not affect the gameplay balance. However, it does make you look wicked sick.

Critical Ops: Reloaded offers four challenging game modes to test your skills.
■ DOMINION - New Game Mode
Capture and defend the objectives! Each capture point gives you Dominion points and the first team to reach 200 points will win the match. Drive your foes away from the capture points and assert your dominance over the battlefield.

A fast-paced, action-packed 5v5 PVP match where the team with the highest kill score wins. Feel the intense adrenaline rush as you carve your way through the battlefield. Don't ever stop shooting, as even the one last kill can make the difference.

A strategic game mode where the true teamwork shines. Time to take it slow and plan your every move. No respawns in this game, so if you fall, you have to watch your friends lose without you! Play smart to defuse the bomb or set off the game-winning explosion!

Become the master of all arms. Wipe out the opponents with increasingly difficult-to-use weapons. Are you comfortable with a pistol? What can you do with a sniper rifle? How's your rifle game? Push yourself to your limits. And prove yourself in the Gun Game mode.

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To revoke access permission for the app
Setting>Application>C-OPS Reloaded>Permission>Switch Microphone to Off
Setting>Application>C-OPS Reloaded>Permission>Switch Contact to Off

Detailed info

  • File Size: 746.67MB
  • Current Version: 1.0.7.f140-b7c8118
  • Update Time: Jun 24, 2020
  • Developer: NHN Corp.
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Latest Version :6.5 Android:7.6
  • dé ja vú ?

    nếu ae là ng việt nam thì khuyên nên chơi bản làm lại này ( vì nó có Việt Hóa ) độ họa đẹp hơn bản thường

    các phím cũng đẹp hơn , dễ kiếm tiền để mở hòm hơn , tỉ lệ nhận súng hiếm phải nói là nhân phẩm cmnr :^)))


    • Sang Mình

      ok bạn

    • Game Like

      sao di chuyển khó vãi đồ họa đẹp thật thao tác hạn chế nói chung GAME NHƯ LỒN đừng tải nhé mọi người chơi ức chế lắm

    • dé ja vú ?

      mày chê game của người ta

      vậy mày làm đc 1 con game độ họa đẹp ( đc bình chọn là game hay ) không ? , không chơi thì cút tự nhiên bảo người khác ko chơi rồi còn vote 1 sao ( HAIZZ , TRẨU ) :^)))

    • Đức Hiếu

      ông chơi có lag giật k chứ tôi thấy chơi k nổi

    • dé ja vú ?

      không đâu ông , nếu như máy ông yếu thì ông cứ việc tải về ,

      chơi 1 ván thử tr , sau đó ông bấm vào cài đặt ( game có tiếng việt nha nên thoải mái chỉnh theo ý muốn )

      sau đó ông bấm vào phần hình ảnh chỉnh lại mấy cái chi tiết độ họa xuống vừa hoặc thấp cũng đc ( nhưng nếu máy ông cực kì yếu thì chỉnh xuống là CỰC THẤP là ok nha )

  • King IOS
    played 7 hrs 30 mins

    Why this game is so slow at loading I can't even load it

  • 大魔王
    played 2 hrs 34 mins



  • TDK

    rất hay. nhưng TapTap cap nhật chậm quá, đã có bản 1.0.9 rồi

  • amir

    goood game

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