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Innovative gameplay
This is an innovative gameplay created by Drodo. By collecting/changing Hero cards, and arranging different formations, 8 chess gamers will be contending for the first prize in the following tens of minutes. Millions of players are challenging each other every day, and, it has become one of the most popular leisure gameplays nowadays.

Fair Play
Make a real fair-play game! The World e-Sports Games are created by Dragonest Co.Ltd., Drodo, and lmbaTV. Million Prize Pool awaiting!

Strategy Rules the World
Players will randomly get their Heroes in the Sharing Cardpool, and form special formations according to their unique strategies. Evolution, combination, jockey for position etc. enable you to practice your strategies to the greatest extent. Who will be adaptable to the changing tide and survive till the end?

Global Server
No matter where you come from, welcome to our world and challenge players from all over the world!

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What's new

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1. Added the Season system. Season 1 started on June 1.
2. Added Battle Pass. Massive rewards are available through daily gameplay.
3. Added account level system. Upgrade your account level to get Candy rewards
4. Added +100% Candy Boost and +100% EXP Boost. Obtained by the Battle Pass.
5. Balance adjustment
6. Added Dragonest account login access
7. Added multiple account data binding function
8. Multiple optimizations
9. Bug fixes

Detailed info

  • File Size : 410.57MB
  • Current Version : 0.1.7
  • Update Time :
  • Developer: Dragonest Game
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Latest Version :7.6 Android:7.6 Past 7 days : 7.8
  • manmtm7
    15.82 hrs on record

    Server is not stable.

    match is too long for so less rewards.

    The game is biased towards the 1st winner player as the 1st winner will continuously win and get win streak bonus while rest grind. I have played and seen that the player who dominates from early dominates the whole game no comeback for rest.

    A server maintenance is very much required at this point.

    • User673097

      Find more about loose streak. You don't know how to play it doesn't mean the game is bad.

    • User462637

      yeah actually u dont want to learn the mechanism of the game. noted

    • manmtm7

      The game isn't bad it just not completely balanced yet

  • User628253

    Awesome game

  • - SuiXidaL -

    Dota Auto Chess Mobile...

    Dosnt get much better than this...

    100% Free 2 Play ans 0% Pay To Win

    Better start grinding kuz these the actual servers they wont clear when they launch the full version !

  • William.G

    玩了一下,我总结了一下几点: .........



    缺点: 人物小,连锁标记复杂!, 选择英雄提示可升级特效小导致错过英雄升级! 影响属性和连锁等等图片太小对于新手简直要命!

    所以一下几点,我还是喜欢 赤潮,虽然耗电大(取决我开特效),死脑筋打法和碰运气,加小微的控血已经理财!

  • Phú Lê Trung

    game hay... mà hay lỗi đăng nhập... cần khắc phục thêm..



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