MARVEL Super War

MARVEL Super War

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Release on Dec 19

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"MARVEL Super War" will official release on December 19!

Minimum requirement of device:
iOS: iPhone 5s
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 425, with 2GB of memory
GPU: Qualcomm Adreno 308; os: Android 5.1

MARVEL Super War Discord Channel:

  • Simplified Chinese
  • English
  • Traditional Chinese
  • VPN Required


The mobile game "Marvel Super War (formerly known as MARVEL Super War)", which was developed by Chinese game company 'NetEase' and Marvel Entertainment. This is a free MOBA game, superheroes and super villains across the Marvel universe will appear in the game, from the Avengers, X-Men, to the Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy will all show up. Players can choose their favorite characters to fight, while using the special abilities to create epic moments during the game.

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Latest Version :7.3 Android:7.9 Past 7 days : 8.0
  • InfiVids
    Expected value

    marvel moba is a great game.

  • Ranattachi
    69.23 hrs on record

    all right, today was the 2nd day and i think i have fully grasp the overall skills of every hero both by my own , freebies , other players game play as well. im pretty fine with the heroes skills .. the skills is reasonable this will bring players would combine the skills for team strategy (tho i feel its kinda strong but the positive point was if the pace like this then there would be no OLD/NEW/FORGOTTEN META which is good .. u like certain hero ? then just play it) even tank n support very balanced and bring more positive gameplay compared to 2 range dps bunch melee dps / mages wo tank/sup but still individuals skills matters lot.

    as in my previous talk about more items variety .. yeah i felt i need certain item for azzazzin who mainly using skills compared basic atk , as the list of items rn mostly just for bassic atk (something like multiply dmg skills for psy or LifeSteal for skills NOT basic atk or clickable item for supporter .. such hex , insta heal , summon / something could effect surrounding 🤪) 👍

    lastly found some bugs. loki 1st skill could make you unable to move until you die/restating app, blackscreen when matchloading , certain skills doesn't dealing any dmg . of course with toxic player often to see 😏 trashtalk,blaming just like everyday mobash*t life . peace out ✌️


    oky ping was stable , controls good , item choice hmmm at least decent variety .. i wish there's more items for sup n azzazzin role, setting customization also available, respawn time abit fast compared to other moba so this is like almost nvr ending clash (casual mode).

    not gonna talk bout graphics but for me neatease could do better , well whatever.

    overall netease doing pretty well here.

  • Unbornlove Idk
    Expected value

    its already 12:30pm :( still waiting and so excited 🙃

  • Grimm
    Expected value

    it would be a global version? or again Asian?

  • rose rose
    Expected value

    not bad I like this game





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