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  • Henry Mora

    it is Amazing that it is available in Panama Country with 4M population and not in Costa Rica with 5M population nothing to claim about Panama it is against developers.

  • David Braz

    The game requires Android 5.1 but mine is Android 7, why i can't install?

  • T1135Y 187

    Works really well graphics are great too, if people want to play it with no vpn like myself when it tells you to connect to Google play don't connect press back and it will let you go into the game easy choose either Singapore or Canada then your set hope this helps

  • 手机用户1178702

    deleted, gatcha game lost the fun of catching and slowly train up a pokemon.

    is define by the money u willing to pay

  • User898522

    What a scam this game is, when you pass story line, you can still try beating additional trainings, unfortunately every boss is kind of contrary and disallow you to win, you cant status them nor put them to sleep.. They will clear effect in next turn, and take down all your increases.

    Movepool is weak, too weak. In fact, this game reminds me only some nostalgic cashgrab - hope it will change to eu release.

    For now you are stuck with 5 star giga drain which deals like 500 dmg and heals for 16... I could mention more of this nonsence, but for now - this game have nothing to do with catching/ collecting or competing experience - which made pokemon so popular

  • Ryan Aryan
    8.40 hrs on record

    Nice Game..Superb Graphic..Interesting Story,,like for the gameplay...

    but one problem..

    why i cant Gacha or sync new Partner ?

    it always say "Check your connection",,my connection is using Wifi..

  • Fenris

    Very fun when you first get started! It's always exciting to see which trainer you'll meet next in the main story! I'm a little upset that your avatar is stuck with Pikachu as a partner with no option to choose a different Pokemon, but it's not too big of a deal. <3

    I love the interaction between yourself and the trainers, the environment is pretty immersive, and I really like the autoplay function, it's very helpful at times! So far, everything works like it should. The only real complaint I have is that the currency has a "free" version and a "paid" version. Meaning, even if you earned 200 gems and want to summon Pokemon from the discount gacha for 100 gems, you can only use the gems you paid real money for to buy it. (gems earned through the story and for free can't be used to summon from the daily discount summon) Aside from that, I'm hoping to see my favorite trainers have a possibility to join my team sometime in the future (N, Cynthia, Red, Blue, etc...) Regardless, this game is still in the testing stage, so I'm excited to see what all comes of it when it fully releases!

    • JUN

      wow that is great review!

      I am a really loves pokemon IP, but I can not really compliment the gameplay of this game...

    • Fenris

      Yes, I agree! Despite loving the series a lot, there's nothing that will beat the gameplay of the main series. It's nice to see them try other things however!

    • Azure Badar


    • Jeff Larbio

      i hope it can install it too in my phone 😭

  • User1085996

    does it done yet, all it show only maintenace under way...

  • Azure Badar

    different play style ... now u need find all trainer with pokemon ... not just pokemon anymore

  • Zeinab Harake

    my experience to this game has been great dispite a few setbacks. I've found the game a little bit fun and nostalgic with throwbacks to Pokemon console games, but like many others I breezed though the storyline pretty quickly. Although I was bummed the storyline ended abruptly; I've been pleased with the level of communication from the company and developers behind it with daily notices and bug updates. they seem to really be talking feedback to heart and trying to improve the game ASAP. (NOTE: I think the Gatcha aspect is a little bit to expensive but it doesn't really bother me that much :D).

  • Yanagami

    Overall is good, no stamina for playing.


    have been waiting for this game to be officially released for a month and turns out i cant even install it. what a joke

  • Arthur Furlan

    good graphics, but bad gameplay. it is a "gacha" mode, where you have to summon trainers to use different pokemon. it is like those summon games, that you have 3 characters from different elements, have to pass the maps and it is that. not cool, bad gameplay... nothing new

  • Gustavo Oliveir

    need more chapters .. and PvP system, but this game is Very good .. i finish all chapters in two days

  • Aldi Adhani

    i got error 10102 every time i open the app, what is this, how to fix that

  • Psychopath

    Great game but very much repetitive

  • NoWBrian

    new gameplay... new meta... check my YT : NoWBrian for playthrough

  • Ajay raj masih

    its not cool when u can't go for an adventure.. its sucks.. i thought its a roleplaying pokemon games like gba, nds pokemon games.. but its not

  • User1230368

    the game really interesting, nice graphics with gacha system. but i cant say i really like with battle system. i'm more prefer turn base system than try to make it seems like reality battle.

  • Nightblade Sinx

    unable to open app in android 10 Q. device redmi k20 pro.


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