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★ The most dangerous MMORPG, Eos RED ★
Inherit the worldview of [Eos Online]! The story 50 years later!
Extensive scenario quests across 5 continents and 45 regions

▶ Infinite PK, vivid scene of ruthless duel ◀
Reward as attractive as that risk! "Chaos Dungeon"

▶ The free economic system everyone wanted ◀
Item exchange & 1:1 transaction perfect support!

▶ Not by drawing, but by hunting ◀
Weapons and armor only on the field!

▶ PK system with added tension by dropping items ◀
PK available in most fields! Support for large scale guild units!

▶ Wanted & Multiple Systems ◀
Provide a system to ask for revenge on behalf of a bounty!

▶ Extreme battles whose end is unknown ◀
"Boss Dungeon" with up to 70 players

▶ Who survives to the end ◀
PVE exclusive dungeon where only strong people survive "Challenge Tower & Coliseum"

▶ Fully implement the authentic MMORPG fun ◀
Massive field battles "Zero Battle" and "Siege Battle"

▶ Even if the party member is diving, he is worried ◀
"Leader control system" where the leader controls the party members directly

Detailed Info

  • File Size: 84.94MB
  • Current Version: 2.1.68
  • Update Time: 2020 20Asia/ShanghaiamSat, 11 Jul 2020 10:27:19 +0800 Jul 07202073110 Sat 11am20
  • Developer: BluePotion Games
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  • Jose Retamal Ce
    Game Duration More Than :time Minutes

    me encantaría poder jugarlo pero no esta para mi región y tampoco cuenta con un idioma entendible por ejemplo inglés o español.. que lamentable.

  • Valentine

    The graphics are impressive, but they have to be with so little interaction. This game is one of many in a long list of beautiful, but otherwise boring, mobile games. You change some equipment, you check off some quests, and you more or less watch.

    Why give it such a high rating? Fanservice. That's right. Now Tera Classic is not the only game to provide costumes that can barely pass for underwear. If you haven't already, go ahead and give that archer a spin. No, those aren't pants sticking out behind that loincloth.

    Honestly, though, it seems like this is the best we are going to do for MMOs until developers realize that players are only settling for auto battle. Those that want self-played games are too busy with other things to play, but still want to progress. These are not the paying customers. As you might have guessed, they also see no reason to pay for something they barely even play.

    This leaves us with graphics and general appeal. When comparing the half-dressed women in high resolution and guys with flashy outfits of this game to extravagant skill effects in a few other big titles, I can assure you underwear and style win every time.


    • Zain Hamid

      haven't played this game but see your comment have to give a like for your afford to write such a long comment so other can knew about the game xD

  • User867924

    10월 24일 업데이트 패치후 에러가 생겨서 게임을 지웠다 다시깔고 업데이트를 받아야 게임실행이 된다고 합니다. 다시 다운받아 주세요~

  • ༺MIGERU༻

    It's like many other games. When looking for materials to manufacture equipment, I will not direct you to the place. the search for materials becomes endless.

  • Victor Nicéas
    Game Duration More Than :time Minutes

    Brazil 🇧🇷

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