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New version 1.0.9 updated
■■ Note: If you facing serious issue on in-game update or login, please try to delete the DBD and reinstall it from Tap
■■ Game Bug Report:

Dead by Daylight launches Beta testing in Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
★ New! Germany & Australia, The Philippines, Mexico added
iOS users, Please change the App Store country setting and Download.

Specification Requirement
Apple Users:
■ OS: iOS 11 or above
■ Hardware: iPhone SE, 6S and above

Android Users:
■ OS: Android 7.0 (Nougat OS) or above
■ Hardware: Samsung Galaxy S7 or equivalent

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Experience the intensity and thrill of Dead by Daylight everywhere. Play as an unstoppable Killer and one of four Survivors trying to evade a gruesome death in your favorite 4-vs-1 asymmetrical survival horror game on a fully optimized mobile version for free!

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Latest Version :6.1 Android:7.0 Past 7 days : 6.2
  • 手机用户1114104
    24 mins on record

    why can't I put my name on dead by deadlight

  • Areda

    the game was good on my device until everything glitches and breaks the whole game. The glitches occur when i was playing killer and survivors it occurs when i look at killers,generators,possibly other survivors when i play as killer i couldn't play at all i can't even look at survivors the glitches break my game down like the screen starts spazing out and also sometimes the audio seems to cut off by loud noises such as completed generators,endgame collapse

  • Loris Merafina

    Cook,but i don't incou ter anybody for play(Sorry for my english)

  • Dániel Kaló

    I really like the game and i play on pc too. But please optimize the game a little because its lagging and i have a HUAWEI P20 Lite.

    • User2459875

      Dude huawei p20 is consider a bit low end spec to run this game. I have honor play which has the same price as your phone and it runs perfectly because of good processor and gpu. Plz check your phone and compare it to recommended specs at the description.

  • Unique Rairai
    18.55 hrs on record

    i love the game i mean my phone runs on latest spec and 10gb ram but to play killer it takes soo long to find a match but for survivor its within seconds but yea the game is fine and all just fix the framerate drops and audio cut out coz its still happening

  • Official Choice General

    DBD M 0.8.0 Version Update Now! - STATE OF DBD MOBILE #5

    Source: DBD Mobile Official Website # New (to Mobile) Killer We know we’ve kept you waiting, and he is here at last – this week we welcomed The Ghost Face to the playable character roster. We can’t w

  • Walkthrough

    결제 쉽게하는법 (vpn필요없음)

    혹시모르니 데바데 재설치(안쓰는 구글계정필요) 구글에 googlewallet를 친다 저기로 들어가서 안쓰는 계정으로 로그인하셈 이제 설정으로가서 국가/지역 누르고 새 프로필 만들기 누르셈 사진보고 따라하세요 만들고나면 한국 결제프로필을 삭제 이제 방금만든 덴마크 결제프로필을 선택 그리고 결제수단 들어가서 카드추가 그리고 플레이스토어 데이터 지우기 플레

  • Choice General

    BUG REPORTING 🇬🇧 + 🇷🇺

    [🇬🇧] In official Dead by Daylight Twitter was posted a link, where you can and need report all bugs you found. Please, report only there. [🇷🇺] В официальном Твиттере Dead by Daylight была выложена ссы

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    如題 最近玩妖巫常常開局快中期時斷聲音 這對守圖騰流妖巫是致命傷啊ಠ_ಠ 噢對了 到達-1級才能開傳承技能是撒小

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