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  • Don Alvin Jalop
    7.42 hrs on record

    Fix the audio, too much screeching.. not good to hear.. also make it more less graphics for low spec phones instead of making it pixelated. im playing it in medium settings below 60fps. because low settings is too much pixelated.

  • Ken Ny

    i m unable to run on my device asus X008D. Below show the details:::

    Apps is packaged for open GL ES 3.1 but device has not met the requirement for GL ES3.1

    Device has open GL ES 3.1 support:: YES

    Floating point render target support:: NO

    This device only support GL ES2 but the apps was not packaged with GL ES2 Support.

  • Julian Ahmeti
    147.98 hrs on record

    Actually amazing. But it lags really often on lowest quality and hex:ruin just can not be unlocked! I tried everything and nothing worked. 😕 Please fix that.

  • Hitori Ookami

    I can't hear any audio... even reinstall e game... any 1 facing e same prob ???? will give 5 star in fix thx

  • User1947470
    12.72 hrs on record

    cant see the killer coz all is black even my character is black like shadow i really love this game please fix it

  • User2973384

    i dnt know why but im using red magic 3s but no audio? the game is running smooth but no audio? thats the only prob. i have right now

  • User2457126

    please show how many already in a room while waiting instead of just the loading time.... sometime wait very long and don't know how many seat has to wait to start the game.

    stable connection, played 2 times, 2 times the butcher disconnect from server. (1st other player, 2nd is me) but my internet is fine.

  • By Frong Kung

    Since the update, the bug has disappeared, and the sound of the server has not been heard.😣

  • xiao tian
    3.07 hrs on record

    its totally suck too lag and somehow delay

  • ĉëëb !

    there should be two bottoms choise in the circumstance of u r laying on the ground. then u found the hatch n. There should be bottoms of recover and escape attemp. It kind of ***ty when rushing things were happening. I satafied whith gameplay but Botthoms....

  • DreeKo

    Graphics and gameplay horrible, and can't play in high graphics with 60 fps, automatically this go to 30 and have opition to 60 in high, and so high graphics are trash

  • d332nut

    When I want to play as killer, it keep finding match. Why? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Don Alvin Jalop

      because killer is the host. so you need to wait for players to join you. unlike survivor you can randomly join any killer host with players already in it.

  • Trần Long Kiên

    how to accuse the players of leaving the game ... I'm really upset when a team of 4 players that they have AFK all 2 players even 3 people

  • User3151341

    well what should you expect from a beta game right?

  • User3103250

    Can't join matches with friends....please add a feature that can make user change button places

  • Irosh Malinao L

    its not compatible? it wont install on my device Samsung J4+

  • User3119610

    can someone please tell me why when i install this game it says "apps not installed"

  • Ian Cool

    why doesn't it work I n Samsung Galaxy a10 will be supported for Dead by daylight moblie

  • Necroix

    I would ask you to fix "Deep Wound" bar, because it doesn't show how much time remains. It remains full even when it passes a bit of time

  • Unik Smajlaj

    Why it takes so much longer when i want to play as a killer?


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