Dead by Daylight

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  • PsychoSlasher
    98.50 hrs on record

    love this game so much! being a 2500 hour killer main on PC this beta makes me very happy, the devs did an amazing job so far. Currently I have 4 killers to prestige 1 on the mobile version, but I noticed there's no bloody cosmetics or a way to go past prestige 1 which is a little disappointing.My only issues with this game beta other than the cosmetics,are the movement lock(running and walking etc) needs to be removed, it screws me up more than anything else(especially since I'm a nurse main on this beta and PC), and the bug from the PC version where you swing through a pallet,get hit with it and then get stuck inside the pallet has made it's way to this version of the game!

    • i_ Bas


    • ธนากร พงษ์เพชร


    • Garyy Setyawan

      di update ini apakah bisa bermain dengan teman.

      fitur undang teman sudah tersediakah???

    • JustCallMeWolf

      no you cannot play with friends yet

    • User915484

      I think I will just wait until the film version is out, but I just find super laggy matches, but from what I have played it seems like it will be pretty awesome to play when it's out officially, I can't take my ps4 everywhere I go so its going to be cool to have the game on my phone:) only other issue I have is just the walking and running button, its just weird

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  • Bunny
    0.57 hrs on record

    So, I've been playing this game for the passed few days now and I've got to say... It runs pretty smoothly maybe a toggle in FPS in the future is needed and a setting that let's the user tone down the graphics. All in all the game is pretty fun and challenging, forces the survivors to work together in order to survive. I only gave it a four star rating because of how long it takes for me to find a game where I can be the Killer.

    • Koko Kadis

      Runs smoothly are u kidding me bro it's lagging so hard on my phone besides most players are gaming from laptops -.-

    • kitty nana




    • kitty nana




    • Bunny

      Maybe there's a problem with your device? I dunno. As you can probably see I'm running this game on a Huawei P10 lite which is crappy on its own by the way

    • Koko Kadis

      nope dude I'm playing Utopia and many open world games without any lagg even identity V isn't lagging on my phone I don't know really what's wrong with the game besides it's really bad that u cannot change the graphics

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  • kratos
    21.18 hrs on record

    the in game download is not working properly and the game open any more after the update

    1.65 hrs on record

    This is a beta test so of course some weird moments and minor bugs, all in all it's amazing for a free beta and feels like a first gen PSP game. Would be nice to see a little more options in the settings menu in future development preferably the controls and inverting the Y & X axis, but that's about it!💯

  • User875721
    4.83 hrs on record

    Game lags when going into skill check other than that works good

  • User895280
    7.37 hrs on record

    I'm a dbd player at pc and this is GREAT. The thing is i hope they'll add the FPS and gtaphic toogle, the report and add friend, and the descriptions of perks ,etc.

  • Soham India

    it is not getting installed on Samsung Galaxy J7 prime 3gb and 32 gb with android oreo 8.1.0 can anyone tell me why .....

    but in my father phone mi note 4 4gb and 64gb with miui 10 it has been got installed quickly .......

    plzzzz help i want to play it because i love this game to be played on pc .........

    any suggestion plzzz rply .......

    i am waiting for the rply and help for getting this game installed on Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

    • Varis.p Guy

      I cant install too!I dont know why but my friend that use Iphone X can install it,maybe our phone doesnt have enough spec T.T ,I hope they can fix it...

      (sorry for my bad english)

    • User848250

      it's not about spec, it about compatibility.

      clearly the Devs didn't support more devices or because it just a beta.

  • Th3Muff1nMqn
    23.68 hrs on record

    u cant buy perks for the legion. u also cant see perk descriptions. the sensitivity can sometimes be horrible.

    Edit: today I was playing against a huntress, things were looking alright, until we couldnt do skill checks, the skill che is didnt show a spot of where u needed to stop so all skill checks ended up being failures. fix this. and if u know how to update the game tell me pls.

  • Adam Mulyono

    I ask for help to improve more, because I have experienced 4 times the bug in the game. For example, entering into a dark room and many others. I beg to fix it, Thanks

  • Harmster

    Can someone pls tell me a way to fix the "App not installed" issue? Many people is having that problem. My specs are android 8.1.0, 3gb ram, Snap 625 and has 6gb of storage left. I found the obb in android/obb which is 1.5gb and the app in android/data but when i try to install it, it says "app not installed". Someone pls help.

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  • Дегродант Ии

    Dear developers, please add Surv clothes for free! How to allocate survami among others (((

    Как скачать обнову???

  • Aurora Redcloud

    The game is cool like PC.

    Anyways, please upgrade the graphic, fix the skill button which is too small, and put more details about perk (I cannot read it when choosing).

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  • Fadli Nurahman
    0.37 hrs on record

    dude the map was blinking can anybody help me please

    • User818351

      me too man

    • DhanaOleole

      same here

    • User797417

      me too! no clue how to fix it! maybe an updated version of it might!

    • User501280

      what is that blinking?

    • User797417

      It just flickers! parts of the characters and environment! when in match, some things don't appear until you go closer to it! everything starts flickering

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  • Varis.p Guy

    I already dowmloaded the game but I cant install it to my phone, they said it has a problem with the parsing of app,anyone know?Is it cuz my phone?

    **sorry for my english (T.T)

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  • Curlh Jordan
    11.30 hrs on record

    can't wait to have the full version of this game, just need that graphics in the settings and the frames as well lovin it

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  • Shenal De Zilwa

    So the game is fairly laggy..but can be forgiven because its still the beta.

    But regarding gameplay these are a few things that needs to be addressed.

    1) Hillbilly is currently unplayable, due to lack of control of his chainsaw(even with powerful addons for steering)

    2) Killers get stuck in pallets

    3)Theres no way of knowing what the perks do, because it doesnt show a description or anything(same goes for Add-ons).

    4) Even though Totems get destroyed they can be still seen on the map.(They don't despawn after being destroyed.)

    5) Cancelling huntress's hatchet throw windup doesnt work.(it makes u throw the hatchet anyway).

    6) In the map 'Gas heaven' theres an opening on the gas station, which cannot be accessed.(you can access it by going all the way around.)

    7) Mist Map offerings does not work whatsoever.

    8)Screen effects while on hook as survivor lags the game significantly(get rid of it.)

    9)While being carried by the killer the stuggle bar constantly gets interrupted( maybe due to "tap to stuggle" area being too small.

    Additionally everytime a survivor looks or visits the killer shack it drops frames significantly.

    • Th3Muff1nMqn

      u can control the hillbilly's chainsaw u just have to swipe multiple times to control it, I dont use him anymore tho.

    • TIMZ

      very agreed the player names should be added and let's be able to add people

    • Shenal De Zilwa

      well i cant be bothered to play fruit ninja, whilst chasing survivors with a chainsaw. 😅

      anyway i bought huntress...and its really hard to aim her hatchets too... she needs crosshairs or something

    • Shenal De Zilwa

      That of course will definitely be added....its just a matter of time...

      but i didnt want them to miss these errors.

  • KO
    0.33 hrs on record

    Please, have a Asia server to quickly

  • Night

    i have always played the game on PS4 and its awsome but it wont let me download it onto my phone. Its an LG Stylo 4. can you add support to my phone so i can play..?

  • Slimyz

    I don't like the reworked progresdion system that is different from other platforms. I'm afraid having different progression systems might not get us a cross-platform play permanently. Please revert it

  • Zophiel

    It runs smoothly for me (Pocophone F1), but with some pixelated graphic which I don't mind since it's still on can't see perk description for now, i'm sure it will be fixed soon.


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