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Dead by Daylight

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  • Epiceh123 Boss
    11.25 hrs on record

    not a bad attempt at all, however I would like to see the ability to adjust your graphic settings, because even after optimizing occurs the game still runs on very low frames. I see lower graphics on certian phones on youtube, and I would like to see that become an option. because auto optimization simply isnt good enough... yet.

    -Samsung Galaxy A8

  • Roy Mora

    why is it that I try to download it in finishes and when I'm installing it takes 2 min and at the end it says , game not installed ?

    please solve this I'm trying to play the game man

    • User1300837

      have the same thing lets logout delete complètely and then redownload and try if it works if it doesnt then ask tap devs

    • User1396689

      when it says game not installed try to delete something worth 50mb and it miight work

  • Shashwat Gokhe

    I am not able to see my email in option while logging from Google. After using deep wound -(power of legion) we are not able location of survivor

  • Smokescreen

    amazing game! the only problem is i get huge lag spikes even if im using Mobil data. any way to fix this?

  • Danteeh

    Very cool adaptation to mobile, I've not found any problem this far, looking forward to updates

  • 虚無

    It's fun

    What is the point of view when you are chasing a survivor? Even if you lower your viewpoint, it ’s annoying to go up.

  • 手机用户1118202

    Overall i like your game, and its fantastic.

    is just i have a question, i dont get anymore of the daily log in, does daily log in only avalaible on first week?

    Because this is the 3rd week and i haven't got any more daily log in

  • Dimas van Darez

    please explain to me ... I got a problem ... I updated this game and it turned out that after I tried to enter the game instead I asked for 2GB download again ..

  • Windsterx07 cha

    I can't enter the game. It always crashed after it said optimizing the game

  • DareSky

    Please make the requirement to play the game lower, i am at os 6.0, i really want to play this game, i've been following the game in youtube on every youtubers...

  • Lodewijk Moens

    A few irritating bugs (not receiving your item you gained when escaping the game succesfully, bug where you cant escape troughout the doors(only hatch will work for that player, etc.).

    But we know its in Beta so its still a good game.

  • User921249

    pls give the perks description.. so i know what to do about perks... still newbie here

  • Gabriel Sotto C

    everytime i open the app and make it to optimizing game it always disconnect when the optimization is around 80-90% of the bar. this is the 2nd time i re install the app. my android version is nougat. and i still have plenty of space in my ram and rom. I dont know what is the problem.

  • Tony Hicks

    Amazing!! The future of gaming is evolving. Now, I don't have to let a bulky laptop slow me down. I just open up my phone and can play in minutes. No more identity V for me! I have no complaints because I know its in beta, however I am ready for the ability to spend my moneys. :)

  • Damocles

    I played with Redmi Note 7 and my fps around like 15-20 cuz optimization is terrible and graphics are not that good.

  • 手机用户1026556

    not bad. same like pc. still in BETA nothing much to do. i cant play as killer. waited for players up to 10 minutes. no match. when using survivor match found in 5 seconds. fix it up guys it might the big hit on mobile , you'll never know.

  • Good People

    Can't play smooth at Snap 625

    and there is no way to set the chart to low

    • 手机用户1193546

      SD 625 is outdated bro. just buy pocophone F1. its cheap u got SD845. i always got 50Fps sometimes to 60Fps. yes u need SD855 to play this game at 60Fps no dropping fps

  • Fathirgt

    this game so good like in pc but pls add more survivor in the pc

    and friend system and bug,fix fps ,grafik

  • megumi

    how much storage does dead by daylight take

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  • Who are you?
    50.55 hrs on record

    Please update this game to latest version.

    • Tavius Britt

      it's a mobile great game dont rush it how about letting it breath dang your lucky they even gave us any of the newer characters just be patient

    • Who are you?

      Ok tnx


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