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Everyone can become a god on the continent where the seven elements meet - "提瓦特".

You drifted from outside the world and landed on the earth. In this vast world, you travel freely, meet your companions, and find the Seven Gods who control the earthly elements until you reunite with the separated blood, and witness the precipitation of all journeys at the end.

The keeper is dying and the creator has not yet arrived. In the face of uncontrollable circumstances, human beings will always sigh their own powerlessness...
But at the steepest turning point in life, if the mortal desires reach the limit, the sight of the gods will be projected.

When the lost Gemini reunited in the dust and the mystery of the world appeared in the "神之眼" -
Traveler, where are you going?

"原神" is a brand new open world adventure game independently developed by miHoYo. The game takes place in a fantasy world called "提瓦特", where the person chosen by God will be awarded the "神之眼" to guide the power of the elements. You will play a mysterious character called "旅行者". In free travel, you will find different companions with different personalities and ability to defeat powerful enemies and find lost relatives. At the same time, gradually explore " The truth of the "原神".

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    MiHoyo “Genshin Impact” Announcement Official Teaser Page!

    MiHoyo “Genshin Impact”  Today(8.20)Announcement Offical Game Teaser Website!The teaser website contains game characters, news, announcements, and game trailer. Also teaser page was the introduction o

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    由《崩壞 3rd》開發商米哈遊研發打造的開放世界冒險遊戲《原神》是一款開放世界冒險遊戲,玩家在一座幻想大陸「提瓦特」中作爲「旅行者」在未知的世界中自由探索,遇見各能力獨特的同伴們,最後找回失散的親人。 影片中介紹了不同的戰鬥風格的4種人物及詳細的世界觀。且,官方透露將來通過官方網站公開介紹世界觀的遊戲漫畫。詳細的內容可以參考官方網或Tap的後續報導。 官方網站:https://genshin.

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    曾開發了《崩壞》系列手遊的MIHOYO,其新作《原神》在今天開啟了第一次小範圍封測。由於測試資格稀少,很多玩家沒辦法進入遊戲體驗。因此,我們就在此給大家展示一下,這款大受矚目的二次元開放世界遊戲究竟表現如何吧。在輸入帳號並成功登入後,玩家就可以創建角色了。目前僅可以自訂性別,不知道在遊戲正式上線會不會提供更多的選擇。 在輸入完暱稱之後即可開始遊戲了。玩家醒來之後發現自己身處在一個沙灘上,旁邊還有個

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    [News] 미호요 신작 원신 안드로이드 버전 플레이 영상 최초 공개

    출처 : TapTap 중국 원신(Genshin Impact) 커뮤니티  • 테스트 기기:  샤오미 블랙 샤크2, 원플러스 7 프로  개발사 내용에 따르면, 해당 플레이 영상은 샤오미 블랙 샤크 2 (게이밍 스마트폰) , 중국 원 플러스 7 프로 기기로 테스트를 진행한 것이며, 영상에서 보이시는 것과 같이 중국 원 플러스 8의 경우 약간의 버벅임과 프레임

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    【Genshin Impact 】Android version Multiplayer video!

    Source:TapTap Genshin Genshin Impact Official ForumsOfficial Post •Participating equipment: Black Shark 2, oneplus 7 Pro  In the video screen, you can check the original character skills and colorful





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